double oven in the corner?

sarahmn1April 9, 2014

Hi everybody, we are building a house and I'm currently working on the kitchen design. I'm terrible at describing things, but it will go refrigerator, built in microwave, range / hood on one wall, and then double oven in the corner, and then around the other wall, sink and dishwasher. We'll have a center island that runs parallel to the refrigerator wall. Does anybody have experience with a double oven built into the corner? The builder says I'll have enough room to stand in front of the oven and open it without bumping into the corner of the island but I was curious if anybody had any experience with this type of layout. Thanks for your help!

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Jeremy Duboys

Do you have a kitchen design design you can upload? I am no expert but my immediate thoughts would be to move the oven somewhere else. I am imagining taking a heavy dish out and hitting the wall or cabinets next to you. I would also make sure that the corner it is on will not interfere with how you put food in and take it out of your oven. If you usually approach your oven from the left and the wall is on the left the that would obviously be no good.

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My double ovens are in the corner, then a 21 inch countertop, then my range. This set up works nicely for me. I don't have an island to worry about behind me though.

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Here is a picture of the proposed layout. Sorry it's sideways - I can never figure out how to make my iphone shots work head on. Builder is telling me there is enough room to pull down the oven standing directly in front of it. I can't decide if having the island behind me will annoy me regardless! The other option would basically be to switch the double oven and the microwave. I'm worried that it will make the kitchen look heavy on that side with the two biggest appliances next to each other. Maybe not?

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Having ovens in the corner is not generally favored by the design experts on this forum. If you do a google search using the terms "double ovens and gardenweb" you should be able to find lots of previous posts and pictures regarding this topic.
Even though they are not favored, I do happen to have my ovens in a corner. I like the way they look and it works fine for us except when I have to wipe off the back wall of the upper Advantium oven. I am a short person with short arms and while I can easily reach the back wall of the lower oven I cant quite do so in the Advantium. I have to snag a taller person to do that for me. I have no trouble getting food in or out of either oven .

As you can see in the picture below, I have my ovens recessed into the corner. My cabinets were custom made so I was able to get a perfect fit for angled cabinets on the sides of the oven. The lower doors have a piano hing and they open up wide enough to have good access to the items stored there.

If you are able to recess you ovens you would gain a couple more inches of clearance behind you. I didn't have an issue with clearance but liked having the ovens recessed anyway.

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Thanks for sharing your picture and experience badgergal. Your kitchen is beautiful! I searched the forums here for this topic and wasn't finding anything - thanks for the tip about just googling it. I found several posts which have been helpful.

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Alku05 has ovens in a corner. If you have the space, they can work well. Just keep in mind that a 33" oven cabinet takes about 48" on each wall.

Check out the link below for pictures of corner ovens (double, MW, etc.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread: Wall ovens in the corner...thoughts?

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If there's enough aisle space behind you when the oven doors are open, then it will probably be fine. In a previous kitchen we had double ovens next to the fridge and I agree with your thought that it was too heavy/bulky.

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Our double ovens are in the corner and our layout is very similar to yours except without the island, with an additional row of cabinets opposite the sink wall, and with the fridge at the end of the sink run. I like the way it functions. It's easy to move things from cooktop to oven and the hot appliances are out of the main traffic thoroughfare, which is important to us because we have little kids running around.

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I don't think ovens in the corner are necessarily a bad thing, but I don't know if I would like the obstruction between sink and stove. In the sketch, I think the fridge cab, range hood and oven cabinet look really bulky with relatively small uppers in between. Makig those upper cabinets deeper, and keeping all the heights the same, would help.

Are you planning on drawers in your base cabinets? Except for the cooktop, you've shown all doors. Drawers, if sized correctly, are much more efficient.

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Just looked at the [sideways] picture again - can you move the island back so you have a wider aisle between the cooktop and the island? How wide is that aisle? The issue would be whether it's tight from the corner of the island to the [open] oven door. I would think you'd need at least the width of the oven door plus 24" minimum to be comfortable. I'm not sure what that translates to for the aisle.

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I grew up with stacked oven/mw combo in the corner and an island in similar location to your plan. It was never a problem for us feeling backed into the island when we opened the oven or used the microwave. However, without seeing an overhead plan with actual aisle widths, it is impossible for us, on this forum, to know for certain.

Your plan looks pretty good, but I'd want a prep sink on the island, to create a more functional prep space there. I also agree with more drawers, which are much better storage for most things.

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Is there any way you can set the island back and round off the edges? Or maybe change it to a trapezoid/batwing shape? I can see you butting into that sharp corner when taking out a hot and heavy pan, yikes. Also, will y8u have enough clearance on each side of the ovem cabinet so the doors open comfortably?

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Sophie Wheeler

That's a kitchen that a range would be more suitable choice. The corner ovens eat up a LOT of precious storage space. All of your pots and pans could fit n a lazy susan in that corner, and you'd gain back yards of precious counter space. The ovens interrupt the flow and waste space.

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Thanks for all of your thoughtful comments. We do in fact plan to have drawers in most of the locations in which doors are currently shown. Having worked with slide out shelves in our current kitchen, I agree with you and I can't wait to switch to drawers! I can't tell from our plan the exact distance from the corner of the cabinets to the corner of the island, but I like the idea to somehow round or reshape the edges if we do decide to stay with this layout. I will have to ask the builder for the exact measurement. Hollysprings, would you put a range where the cooktop is now, leave the microwave where it is, and have the corner be counter / cabinets? Thanks again for your comments everybody! I thought I knew what I wanted but now that I have to commit I'm struggling.

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