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nanajayneAugust 15, 2011

As I have said before I am PP challenged but being forced to do several blocks with SBQ I have discovered some ideas that were new to me.

The first was the use of parchment paper from the grocery. I tried several different kinds but that works best for me. Inexpensive, see thru, easy to store.

Next is something I heard the other day on a Fons& Porter show. Go over the drawn lines with a dressmakers marking wheel. I use the serrations as a turning guide when I fold to cut the 1/4in seam and it allows for much easier tearing of the paper at the end. I have been folding the lines before I sew which provides a memory for later steps.

Also, when I have tri angles I measure their size (remember the 1/4") and make them all ahead as I would with conventional piecing.

These probably arn't new but they were to me and have taken some of the frustation out ot PP. Fortunately I am almost done with SBQ, 4 more blocks, so that will end that for a while.

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Did you run the parchment paper thru your printer? Some parchment has paraffin.

Good tip on the tracing wheel - I have one and I'll try it.

I try the triangle size, one of the books/ patterns I am using tells you what size to cut in the directions. I am not diligent in cutting the recommended sizes, because I want to use up all the scraps, and I just start grabbing pieces.

I know you have been working on SBQ for a long time. I bought the book when it came out-I'm not ready for the dedication to it yet-but I follow your progress....

I can't wait to see it completed.

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No I have not run the parchment via the printer. I am not sure it would work. I have been tracing from the book. Doesn't take that long.
Be careful with the patterns from the book as they are not all correct. Not many but a few have the wrong measurements. I get the impression several people designed the patterns, thus the lack of consistancy.
You are not the only one who is anxious to have SBQ finished. I am ready, believe me. lol

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If you are making multiple blocks that are the same, you can draw the pattern on one piece of paper, staple a bunch of blank sheets to it and then sew on the drawn lines with no thread in your machine. Makes several patterns and also makes it tear easier when done.

Worked for me.

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I use the same method Faytay uses: I draw or copy one sheet of the pattern, then layer several sheets together (I don't staple them) and then sew through them all with a threadless needle. I'll do that as many times as I need to get enough sheets, reusing the top sheet each time instead of tracing a new one. I keep one needle just for sewing through paper. The perforations make it easy to fold on the lines and to tear them off.

I like the firmness that regular copy paper gives, especially if the pattern is intricate. Parchment is too flopsy and slippery for me but I bet it does tear off easily.

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I love the finished look of PP. I looked for cheap thin typing paper and haven't found any, I'll try the parchment paper.

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