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dave_williamsJune 22, 2014

I just moved into a new 1 bedroom apartment and I'm planning where to set up my home office. I would like to get a "treadmill desk" -- a workstation where I walk on a slow moving treadmill while working at my computer. Here is the model I want to get (more info here).

(It may look strange but I tried one before and really enjoyed it. It is said to be good for people who get back pain when they sit too long.)

It has 2 separate pieces -- a treadmill base and an adjustable height standing desk. I would put my laptop on it as well as a large LCD monitor.

My problem is one of space. My small bedroom is already too crowded with my bed, so the best place I see to put the treadmill desk is in my living room. However, I frequently have guests over for dinner parties so I don't want my home office to mar the ambiance. Here is my living room; I plan to put the desk on the middle of the tile wall so that when I stand at the desk I am facing the tile wall:

When guests are over, the treadmill itself can be easily rolled and stowed away in another room. The question is what to do with the desk. In my opinion it looks too utilitarian/functional. One idea is to put a drape/cloth over it when guests are over. The LCD monitor would serve as a small TV (I don't need a big one), and I could adjust the height downward so the TV is at the right height.

Another alternative is to buy a different desk, since the treadmill can be bought separately. As you can see from this Google Images page, there are lots of different looks for standing desks, and some of them look more homey.

Any thoughts/suggestions?

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I'd put the treadmill right alongside the window with the front of it facing the tiled wall.

Then I'd lower the desk to its lowest position, and I'd install a rod holder on each wall, then make a curtain which can be put on a rod, which then sits in the rod holders, drawing the curtain across the area, hiding the treadmill behind it but leaving enough window there for viewing and the lights, etc. This would also give you extra wall space, i.e.: the curtain, for when you have guests, for extra seating or a table. Rather than move a treadmill ever time you have guests, just take the rod with the curtain on it out of a closet and put it up.

You also, with this arrangement, have to know how the light streams into that area since you don't want glare hitting the computer screen while you're on the treadmill.

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Annie Deighnaugh

As I recall, you have a wall near your kitchen that would be great for a bar-height table. Can you work with that as your high desk surface and then use a small separate treadmill underneath? Maybe it could be rolled away for when company comes.

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I have been trying to convince DH we need one of these! I work too much on the computer and do too much sitting. The space of the desk is 47" wide by 74" long, so it's not unobtrusive. Even though we renovated the home office and put in Ikea shelving, it is still a small room.

OTOH, when I lived in a small 1BR condo during grad school, I had my desk and computer in my LR. I never did anything to conceal it. There really wasn't anywhere else to put it since the BR was also small. The kitchen was a galley with a small eating area, so not there either. You might just want to put some kind drape over the desk portion. It probably won't be easy to move with all the computer wires.

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Annie -- you are correct, I do have an area of my kitchen for a bar table; I edited my post to add a picture of that area.

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I'm a firm believer that your space should function for your daily needs with options for special occasions. Rather than trying to hide this piece, I would have it parallel to the tile wall with the screen end towards the window wall.

Hang lots of interesting art on the tile wall almost floor to ceiling and let the treadmill/desk blend in. Since that would be the traditional wall for a television, the monitor could be swiveled to face the opposite long wall when watching television as that opposite wall is the logical place to put a sofa.

The only thing you'll need are some attractive boxes or baskets with lids to hold your work and office supplies. Those can be stacked along the treadmill when guests are present and against the wall or on a hanging shelf during daily use of the treadmill.

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I love standing desks and had the wood shop teacher build me one for school.

I also work for a software company part time from home and many of our team members have some sort of treadmill desk and love it. Everyone has sort of pieced them together.

I haven't made a desk for my treadmill at home yet. I got one a few months ago. I will say that I really wish I'd bought a smaller treadmill. I thought I wanted the fancy features, but I don't use them. I'm glad I didn't buy the top of the line, but what I did buy is so big that I can't move it out of the room its in without taking it apart. I'd planned on moving it into the room next door after it got new flooringâ¦but no-can-do.

Just a heads up.

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Apologies to the OP for this hijack...

I've been toying with the idea of a standing desk for my treadmill (and, for that matter, one for my spinning bike), but am not sure if I'm coordinated enough to walk and type. I found this link below, and am tempted to try it out before investing in something more substantial.

If you watch the video, skip the first minute of her talking. What she's building begins at about 1:00. Then, she installs it at about 3:30.

Here is a link that might be useful: Walking Work Station

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I do a lot of work from home. I'm thinking about getting one of these walking desks as well. Thanks for inspiring me. I thought there was no way it would work in our 1-bedroom apartment. But I think we can rearrange things.

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