Best Friends Decorating Project - Grown Up Pink

edeeveeJune 18, 2014

My besty of 40+ years recently endured two weeks of scary medical tests. To distract ourselves from the awfulness of everything we kept up a text conversation about re-doing her bedroom.

Most of the results are in now and, while the future isn't quite as bleak as it seemed it might be, her life will probably be much different from now on -- and that sucks.

I'd like to follow through on those decorating conversations. It won't make her well but it might make things more pleasant.

Here's the deal (and, sorry, I don't have pictures):

A couple of years ago she returned to our midwest hometown to give her mentally handicapped twin brother (whom she cares for) a better quality of life. They moved into a house that had been in the family for more than 100 years but that had been rented out to folks with, um, questionable taste.

She's slowly been working to bring the place back and has done a lovely job of it. She hasn't touched her bedroom yet though and it's, well ... the last renters painted it grass green with giant Pokemon Balls all over the walls.

She will no longer be able to do any of the work herself and, due also to her health, she feels she needs to hold on to her money and will not be hiring any work out, if possible. I live more than 200 miles away. I can only visit sporadically. We need to plan this perfectly so I can drive there, pick up paint, and get a coat on the walls in one weekend.

It's tricky enough planning a room but this one is posing an extra problem. It has beautiful old oak original trim that she wants to save. But. The kind of room she envisions is feminine, sophisticated ... and pink.

We're having trouble finding examples online of pink rooms that aren't little girly -- and that will also not just 'look okay' with the trim but make it a feature.

Can you help suggest a color?

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First of all, be sure you prime the walls before you paint them. Otherwise, you'll need five layers of paint to cover the Pokemon circles, and more if you go lighter than what is there now.

Is she committed to pink? How about a soft lilac, which is very feminine and cheerful, but would also go with the oak trim?

Maybe BM African Violet (light) or Amorous (more depth).

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Annie Deighnaugh

BM gentle butterfly seems to be a winner for a warm, soft pink. There was a thread on pinks awhile back which may help you.

But you may want to select the bedding/window treatments first to make sure it all works together when you get there.

(Don't know the wall color here, but it's an example of a warm pink with woodwork).

Eclectic Living Room by Chestnut Hill Interior Designers & Decorators MANDARINA STUDIO interior design

This is wonderful of you to be so supportive of your friend in a time of need. Hats off to you.

Here is a link that might be useful: pinks

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robo (z6a)

I like light pinks - this is Ben Moore Bride to Be

I really like Annie's suggestion of a warm pink to tie in the warm oak.

Maybe Benjamin Moore Pale Pink Satin (with lots of white?)

I would be tempted to add lots of white and perhaps chocolate brown to adult-it-up. Or Khaki ...

Traditional Bedroom by Atlanta Architects & Building Designers Castro Design Studio

Or Navy for that preppy oxford shirt look

Contemporary Bedroom by Omaha Furniture & Accessories Hayneedle

Gold might be a nice adult choice that could tie in the oak trim a bit better - this bedroom might be a bit over the top for some (I like it!) but I like the neutrals with the pink.

Traditional Bedroom by Chagrin Falls Design-Build Firms W Design Interiors

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Take a look at Sherwin Williams White Dogwood (SW 6315). I've been longing to paint a room this color for years.

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Robotropolis's pink and gold room is lovely and very grown up.

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I would try Farrow & Ball's Middleton Pink. I wonder if you could paint some sample boards and mail them to her so that she can choose from an edited selection?

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What a great friend you are!

What furniture does she have? I'd go with a pale pink, slightly into the peachy/salmon, and lots of white.

Palmer Pink, "One Step Paint" Amy Howard

Here is a link that might be useful: Pink Bedroom

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I really like the one Annie posted- it seems to be the only one with wood and not white trim. Lots of pinks work with white, but the oak is trickier.

It's really great of you to help her. I'm wondering if there aren't other friends living closer who might work with you to get this done? Maybe some to clear out the bedroom for her, perhaps help paint or mask, then reassemble the room after. It might be worth asking her if you can contact a few of her friends, or post on FB?

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This is a pink room that I don't think reads as "little girl."

I think the key think when working with a pink room is choose the other colors in the room carefully. In this picture, the black furniture helps to ground the pink.

Pink and grey is also a sophisticated color combination. I once painted a bathroom a very pale blue-pink, so pale it looked white in bright sunlight, and used white, black and grey in the rest of the room. It did not look like a child's bathroom.

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Blush pink

Here is a link that might be useful:

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How wonderful you are helping her! Isn't it great, too, to have a friend of 40+ years?! Great suggestions here too.

Is there a way to show her some of these photos or at least ask her for preferences in contrasting colors? Navy, chocolate, khaki, ivory, etc via these photos? Maybe showing her these will inspire her even more.

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Another pink to consider may be BM "wild astor". I have lots of wood in my house and used it in my daughter's room.

Here's a photo of it with wood trim (not my house):

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Lovely gesture.

I think the pink will be difficult to combine with the oak unless there's another strong neutral like grey or khaki to add some weight to the color scheme. Here are some examples.

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Pics that were missing from my posting.

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Sorry I don't have a picture, but a friend of mine used Benjamin Moore's Ballerina in her office. It is girly but not sickly sweet.

Good luck with your endeavor, and sorry to hear about the health problems.

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Such pretty rooms! Thank you! Thank you! I'm going to invite her to take a peek at this thread but she is kind of a techno-phobe. I may have to send them to her via e-mail.

Someone asked about her furniture. The last time her room was all put together was when she still lived near me. I think she's added an armoire since then but I can't recall what it looks like. Actually, my memory is a little spotty about all of it. I'll have to ask but I think she has a king bed without a headboard, a dark wood piecrust table on one side of the bed, another unmatched dark stand on the other side. A victorian looking vanity, an eastlake chest of drawers that her mom bought that was 'antiqued' in a rich green (which I love and she hates) and I think there is another low dresser in dark oak.

Now that I think about it, she may be using some of that furniture in other rooms in this house. Her last place was a smallish condo and the large bedroom was a holding place for some of her things that didn't fit elsewhere.

She has a good eye for putting together disparate pieces.

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I've used SW White Dogwood and it is beautiful.

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No photos but one of the most romantic rooms I ever stayed in was in Brazil with dark, dark wood trim and lovely pale pink walls. If I remember (this was looong ago) the bed cover was a simple white matelassé. Love the examples every one has contributed

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SW 6288 Rosebud is a good pink. It is muted when on the wall almost like it has a gray undertone. Goes agreat with SW agreeable gray or any gray really.

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Heard back from the BFF. She thinks all your rooms are AMAZING. She's leaning toward the peachier pinks and would love to incorporate navy blue in the room. Her mom collected blue and white and she has some gorgeous pieces she'd like to display in there.

We both thank you so much for your help so far. Any other inspiration photos with pink/oak/navy + blue and white pottery? Annie D, Would you have time to make a design seed for us?

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Some of these images above demonstrate how warm undertones become even warmer next to oak trim. A pink with a warm undertone will turn peach-y because warm trim/floors bring out warm undertones in their surroundings. For this reason, a soft pink with a cool undertone would stay "pink."

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More pink rooms (in French)

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Again, gorgeous! I hadn't realized how very much _I_ like this color scheme.

nosoccer: Love all the rooms but that first one ... ahhhh ... perfect (for me). The second room reminds me more of my friend's tastes. If we mixed some blue and white plates with that sunburst mirror -- I can "see" that in her room. Thanks!

Annie: Sorry for the mix up re the Design Seeds. I always enjoy seeing them when you post. I understand that our color direction includes the light warm pink, oak, blue and white. Can you/would you suggest any additional colors as accents?

peony: Are you saying that if she likes the "peachy" pink we just need to pick something warm. But if she prefers the room to still read "pink" pink we should pick a cool one and it won't clash with the warm wood? I've seen a couple of pics with Farrow and Ball's Dimity in rooms that are heavy with oak. It looks like a lovely pink to me but the description says "gray" - is this the reason?

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Ooh, so do I, forboystoo!

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Annie Deighnaugh

Accent colors can always come later...start with the basics like paint, bedding and window treatments and the other accent colors will fall can always do some deeper pink accents or some lighter shades of blue...

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Thanks, Annie!

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