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K8OrlandoAugust 14, 2014

Does anyone have a wheeled travel case for their machine that they would recommend? The prices seem outrageous but I have an eBay credit that's burning a hole in my pocket. I really like the Tutto "Machine on Wheels" case. Does the medium sized one really fit in an airplane overhead?

2nd question: has anyone ever been hassled by TSA about bringing a sewing machine on an airplane?


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Sorry, but I don't know anything about the Tutto cases. They look nice though.

I've sent my Janome Jem back and forth to Hawaii in my stowed luggage. I always warned the agent who was about to x-ray the bag that there was a sewing machine in the case. They never batted an eye. I can't imagine that you would be hassled with a machine in a carry-on.

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Kate, When I came to retreat I had a carry on bag that my Pfaff fit into, along with fabric and supplies. I also warned the agent it was a sewing machine. Once they took it out and swabbed it for explosives (funny, in a way!) but I packed my needles, etc in my checked bag.

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Good to know! Thanks!

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I love my red Tutto machine-on-wheels case, but it is a heavy son-of-a-gun! The large one (for my Viking) would probably not fit in the overhead storage even if I could lift it up there. I can barely get it in the way-back of my Subaru wagon. Lots of good storage pockets in the Tutto as well.


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How about the 19" wheeled tote from BlueFig? Much better price and it looks like this would fit my Elna perfectly. This size only opens from the top but they have a 20" and a 22" that have side loading options.

Teresa, the large Tutto is defnitely too big for the overheads. I checked the TSA website. The Tutto small is too small for most machines, except featherweights, but the medium is, as Goldilocks would say "Just Right" for machines and airline overheads. The BlueFig 19, 20 or 22 inch should all fit overhead compartments too.

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I have one of the tapestry covered ones from Joanns. I use it 2-3 times a year and it's worked well for me. I've heard some say in the past that it's not very sturdy, so that would depend on usage I guess. It is side loading, and to be honest, I wished it were top loading. It's also not very padded inside, but then that's what fabric is for!

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My Bernina came with one and I use it all the time for social sewing events... it is so handy! I can fit everything in it and not have to carry anything else separately! 3 people commented on it at class the other day!

Did you order one?

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I did some hunting yesterday and even tried an office supplies store. It was there I found a Divoga plastic-sided case that fits it perfectly. It's small enough to take on a plane and will protect it in the overhead. I'm really happy with it!

Now I just need to go somewhere.

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Machine fits snug enough so it won't get bounced around, but there's room for the cords and foot pedal - and some fabric for extra padding.

The semi-rigid plastic case will make sure it doesn't get squished while traveling, but it's small and lightweight so I can easily lift it to the overhead compartment on the plane.

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That looks like it was made for that machine! What is it's original purpose...a camera?

Little bit of fabric or batting wrapped around your pedal and it'll fit snugly under the neck of your machine! Perfect!!

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That looks like a perfect solution. Even for the times I've hauled it cross country in the car it would have worked.

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I found it at an office supply store with the briefcases and salesmans' catalog cases. I had a 40% off coupon so it ended up being very reasonable, about $45.

Considering the last time I traveled with this machine I watched it fall out of the back of my SUV (I bet my travel companions remember that!!!) and couldn't use it for several weeks while it was being repaired, the price of the case seems very small in comparison!

For other travel, it will be a good case for laptops and cameras.

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