Can I recut or modify the edge profile of my corian countertop?

battleshipApril 2, 2013

We are redoing the kitchen, and we're getting new slab cabinets. Now we may have prematurely chosen slab, as our style is completely modern, but that's being addressed on my other thread.

So with the new cabinets nearly being finished, I am wondering how to make them work in our space with the existing, very nice, neutral gray corian countertop. It has a slightly radiused edge profile now, and I am wondering - is is possible to recut or modify the edge profile to something slightly more squared, so as to match the slab cabinets better?

Many thanks!

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Yes, but it can be very hard to repair any mistakes or defects you make in the new edge.

Corian is shaped with carbide bits in a router, with a few bits actually 'tweaked' to give better performance in Corian (compared to wood).

Unless you have a decent amount of router experience it would be worth paying a Corina installer for the work.

They may want a lot of waivers though

They do not want to find an internal defect ad then have to replace a piece.

It will also cause a snowstorm of corian shavings unlike anything you may have seen.

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I bet inside corners would be a hassle.

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Inside corners would require care, end of run if there is a fridge panel or wall is a bear since a big router will only get within about 3". Switch to a laminate trimmer and go really slow and you still have over an inch to do by hand. Doable, just not easy without removing the tops.

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