More Sleeping Cats

rosajoe_gwAugust 17, 2011

I had forgotten I had this pattern until Dianne posted her gorgeous pics. My daughter has a zoo (they have animals and reptiles for parties) and I bought this pattern to make for her, I'm thinking 3 years ago. Well I finally started it for her Christmas gift lol! I made it 3 blocks by 4. I'm machine embroidering the faces and I will hand embroider the mice. Still trying to decide on the fabric for the other faces. The next one I make I'm planning on using different fabric for the bodies like Dianne did.


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Cute,good choices for the fabric. I have the pattern and some fabrics layed out for over a year but haven't gotten to it yet. Your an inspiration maybe in the fall.
Your daughter will love it. TFS.

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I started this project a few years ago myself but never finished it. I used a variety of fabrics that all looked vaguely fur-like to me. But I had zero applique skills at the time and hated the way the cat faces ended up looking on mine. Yours is cute and makes me think about going back to my old project.


Abandoned cats:

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Jayne picking out the fabric was the reason I put it away and forgot about it!! But I have seen it in blues and greens and it still looks cute.

Kate I think your abandoned cats look great. My applique skills are not good at all and when I wash it I hope the nose doesn't fray to much and the hand appliqued mice don't fall off. At least it can look fuzzy lol!!!!

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Here's the one I did last year at Retreat. It was a Christmas present for a friend with kitties.

I chose fabrics that I thought looked like fur, too. Mine was all pieced with no applique!

I quilted it with paw prints.

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Jennifer - I love how your cats look like they're all cuddled up together, having a sleep. All intermingled tether to keep warm.

It doesn't really matter what colours you use for the cats - just use the colours that the receiver loves the best and that match well together.


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The colors are great! and I like the pieced cat heads; it was the applique that kind of intimidated me when I started. I'm more comfortable with it now but I really wasn't at the time.

I may take my cat heads off and redo them with hand applique and a little extra batting for a trapunto effect. I could do the mice the same way. OMG! I just had a brain flash! I'm going to stuff the mice with catnip and make this a kitty bed! I've got one cat who has taken possession of the dining room table (seldom used by humans) so I'll just give in and make him a quilt. That should contain the cat hair to one place and keep the table cleaner too. Oh yeah, I'm moving this project closer to the top of the list!


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I love that pattern and it is turning out great!

Kate - I think you should un-abandon your cats!


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Rosa, that is so cute.
I've seen this pattern and some pics of the finished wall hangings and I always think that I'd like to try it. Still haven't done it.


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