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littlehelen_gwAugust 23, 2014

I've been posting about working on my nieces quilt...seems like has been forever! lol. Anyway, she picked the fabrics on line... I made one quilt top...Hated it, and had enough fabric to try again. May I state up front...that anything that could go wrong...thread issues, machine malfunctional, operator/ quilter error, did go wrong. The pattern is Garden Trellis from Fresh Lemons... I started quilting this in variaged teal thread and ripped most of it out...icky.... Well it has yet to be washed, but it's essentially done. Delivery to upstate NY in two weeks...I'm so happy it's over...
Special thanks to K8 & redMary, who let me vent...and vent....

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Venting is good! And many times necessary.
The quilt is lovely and your niece will love it. I do!

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The venting must have worked, because the quilt is beautiful. The color palette is unusual, but it works really well with the pattern you chose. I'd like to see the first quilt top that you made. Did you save it or scavange from it for the second one?

It's so hard to keep working on something that seems cursed, but you did a great job, and I'm sure your niece will be delighted. Let's hear it for persistence!

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What went wrong with the first quilt? This version is lovely and I am sure she will be happy. I always like the Fresh Lemons quilts!

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Val, it turned out great! Your work paid off, even pulling out all those teal threads. She will love it and, at least this once, you'll be happy to send a quilt off to it's new home.

You did a wonderful job with this Fresh Lemons pattern. I think you've inspired me to use it too!


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I know what it's like to have to fight with a quilt--but you won the battle. It's a beautiful quilt and your niece will love it!

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FlamingO in AR

I think it's gorgeous. Sorry it gave you fits, I hate projects like that!

Your niece will love it, though, what a great gift!

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What makes that a Garden Trellis pattern and not just a log cabin??

I definitely would say that that color palette would have made it hard for me to sew, but you can say it's 'done' and that's all that matters now. Good job for sticking with it. I'm sure she'll love it!

I too would like to see the share

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It is amazing that such a beautiful quilt could have caused so many headaches!!!

I have run into some patterns like that. I'm glad you stuck with it, she is going to love it!!!

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I know that feeling all to well, but from what I see, it's beautiful!!


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The result is beautiful. Sorry the doing was stressful. Wonder if others would love the first incarnation?

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Thanks everyone for your kind comments....I noticed the pic is washed out, the colors are more vibrant...but the gray tones it down.

Jen, you're right, it is a variation on a log cabin, just a larger center square and surrounding strips set on point. The larger center let me insert some FMQ sunflowers and a dragonfly for fun.

Here's a pic of the original which will be finished some day...the issue was twofold from my my niece wanted gray , and more gray and the gray print clashed with the gray in the sashing. Secondly I wanted it on point and this block wasn't going to work point. Sooo...I'm going to finish it as a regular not on point quilt, after some deconstruction, but it will be awhile..
I will say the art gallery fabric is awesome, you can feel the difference from AG fabric vs. other manufacturers. My first time using AG and I'll be looking for it again...hopefully on sale!

I did learn some lessons on this on to the next project! :-)


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