OK to vent range hood over a window?

dannyjtJanuary 18, 2007

Hi all. I've been slowly redoing our kitchen over for the past few years and I was recently laid off, so the next month is a pretty much total demo of the ceiling and a few walls to run new outlets, recessed lights, and a new range hood. We were originally going to vent the hood to recirculate into the kitchen, as it's on an inside wall,but since I got laid off and decide to do a new ceiling, we're now doing an outside vent. Glad I bought the convertible hood! The hood vents via a 3.25x10 opening. I was going to transition to 7inch round right off the hood, go up 2 feet through a cabinet, then a 90, 10 feet across the ceiling- the joist are lined up perfectly- a straight shot, then vent out the outside wall, through the vinyl siding.

My question is the vent wall cap will be pretty much centered about 18 inches over the kitchen double windows. I live in the Northeast and the only thing I can think may happen is we'll get some condensation on the window in the winter. Any code or common sense not to do this?

Thanks for any input!!! -Dan

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Or, lower the profile and use all 3.5x10" all the way.

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Snoonyb- Not sure I understand how that will make a difference- rect or round, it'll still vent over a window.......... Danny

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"lower the profile"
Less of the upper cabinet becomes unusable.
Vent placed higher in the joist bay.
Lower profile eyebrow higher above the window.
Greater horizontal dissipation.

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You better check your local codes. In Maryland you have to be at vent at least 4 feet from any window. Not only will you get condensation on the window, but eventually you'll get a build-up of grease and other cooking residue over time.

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You will be drilling a large hole thru the header over the window and you probably will seriously weaken it. The header may be anything from 2 x 6's to 2x12's. If it is 2 x 12's you might be able to cut a 3 1/2 x 10 hole horizontaly in the center of the 2 x 12's and still have enough strength left to carry the load from the joists. (but that's not certain by any means). No way would I cut a 7" round hole in the header.

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Not all walls are loadbearing.

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No, he won't be cutting into the window header, because he is already in the ceiling joist bays. The header would be below that in the stud wall. He may be cutting through a second floor rim joist, but that's not a problem either. He may have to "periscope" the vent if he's getting an inspection.

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I've been wondering what the rule is here in BC, if kitchen vents should go out through the wall, or up through the roof (my upstairs bathroom vents through the roof) - if OP was to vent through the roof, it might be a lot simpler, although maybe there's a risk of the grease etc ending up on the roof.

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Fori is not pleased

I had a vent over a door (with a window) in MI (so we would have noticed weather problems like in the NE) and really didn't notice anything odd over the three years we were there. It was inspected by the city, if that means anything. We never thought about any issues and never had any. Of course, you could get interesting smells in summer when you open the windows. (Our window didn't open, except when the door opened.)

Of course, now that you bring it up, it doesn't seem ideal! But we didn't have grease slicks or condensation or anything.

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