Anyone sewing on a Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist?

linlilyAugust 11, 2013

I am looking to purchase another sewing machine with some of the new "bells and whistles." I have a 1980 vintage, metal, swiss made Elna that I use for a lot of my sewing - purchased new. I have been looking on line and reading reviews about all kinds of different brands and what they can offer. I never thought I'd be saying this, but I found information about a Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist very compelling - great price, good reviews and lots of stitches, button holes, feet, and numerous accessories that come with the machine.

I say that I thought I'd never be saying this because when I started my search, Singer was one brand I was sure I would not be looking at. While I learned how to sew in school on a Singer Touch 'n Sew, I've felt that the quality of Singer machines has gone down hill. Now I read that they are improving the quality of their machines and offering real value to lure back customers.

Does anyone have a newer Singer machine and do you like it? Thanks,


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Linlilly, I've not used that machine, but I've heard from lots of people who know sewing machines that newer Singers are complete junk. Of course you may get it and love it, but I have heard from numerous people that the quality just isn't there... hopefully someone with direct experience with the machine will respond.

Lots of people like the moderately priced Janomes and they do tend to be work horses, but you lose a few features for the same amount of money you'd pay for that Singer...

Anyway, have you seen any reviews for the Brother PC 420?

I've had this machine for about 5 years now, and it seems to have most of the features the Singer has (like the automatic thread cutter), but it also has a knee lifter which that Singer lacks... For 400 bucks, you get adjustable presser foot pressure, drop feed, one touch needle threader, thread cutter, speed control, stop start, needle up down... not to mention an included walking foot, button attaching foot, button hole foot, teflon foot, zipper foot, patchwork foot, open toe foot, stippling/free motion foot, and the standard zig zag foot. I think that Singer has lowercase letters in the monogramming function where the Brother only has capital letters, but for real monogramming, you really should use an embroidery machine (again, just my opinion). I watched Darlene Cahill demo that Singer on HSN (which is also how I found out about the Brother PC 420, by the way), but it's been a few l years so I may have forgotten a few things about it. The needle threader on the Singer is the fiddly kind that requires two hands and doesn't work well... the one on the Brother is a one touch thing that works the first time, every time. You don't even have to think about it!

Anyway, I'd strongly encourage you to at least read reviews for the Brother PC 420 before deciding on that Singer. Mine has been a reliable work horse and a solid performer for the five years I've had it and it comes with a ton of feet and accessories. I'm relying on it once again as my Bernina is in the shop and there are several things I like about it better than the Bernina...

Sorry I don't have more personal experience, but maybe someone else here does... I just wanted to give you another machine in the price range with a similar feature set to consider... one that I have experience with and truly love!

You'd think I work for Brother the way I plug the machine, but I've just been really happy with mine and want to share my joy with others :o)

No matter what you get, it's always fun to get a new machine... good luck with your search and let us know what you decide!

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The Brother 420 PRW is on my list of machines to look at. My only experience with Brother is that my best friend had one and it was in the shop several times, and expensive to fix. Hers was a Pacesetter but I don't know which one she had. When it worked, she really liked it, but when it didn't, it had to go in for repairs.

I've been spoiled with my Elna. It has only been in the shop once in 33 years. Now, that's reliability. I know that Elna is no longer a Swiss made, all metal machine, and that and the fact that there are no longer any Elna dealers anywhere near me are my reasons for not looking at what they have to offer in newer machines.

I have been looking at the write-ups of the various Janome machines too, and a somewhat local-to-me dealer sells both Brother and Janome. I have my heart set on a machine that has a thread cutter, and in order to get one that does that, I would have to move up to a machine near the $1000 range. I've been looking at the 3160 QDC and the 4120 QDC. so far.

I really appreciate all the information about the Brother 420 that you have shared with me. Thank you so much!

I will definitely let you know which machine I decide on when I've made my decision.

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I've had a Brother Pacesetter 8500 for 10 years. It's a combo sewing/embroidery (I think all the Pacesetters are). My experience with it has been much like Bobby's - it's a real workhorse and easy to use. I've been taking it once a year for cleaning and servicing, which is relatively expensive due to the embroidery part, though it has kept it in good shape. I liked it so much that I bought a Brother CS1000i a couple of years ago when I wanted a smaller, lighter machine for classes. I really like it, too! Though no thread cutter or knee lifter. :(

The 10 year old Brother is starting to show signs of age so I've begun researching for a replacement, and I am leaning heavily toward Janome. From what I have read, it seems like you get the most bang for your buck from Janome. Plus, the local Janome dealer is 2 miles from my house - the nearest Brother dealer is 45 minutes away and the Bernina dealers even farther. I haven't looked at Viking much...I'm not sure why, as I have a couple of friends with Vikings who love them.


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I haven't used that Singer or Brother but do own a Janome 9000 and a Baby Lock espire. If I were looking for another machine I would choose Janome because I feel they are better made and sew more smoothly.
I agree a thread cutter is a real plus. My BL has that feature along with another feature that I love which is the ability to program the presser foot auto lift when I stop sewing and go down when I start. It's call the "pivot stitch". I continue to believe a good dealer is one the most important factors in choosing a new machine.

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I just got the Singer stylist 9960 after Christmas. I LOVE it! It comes with so many extras that I was not expecting. It is quiet, and I love the way it sews. You can do so much with this machine. My old machine was from the 70's.(singer). I was afraid to get a computerized sewing machine, but I went for it and am glad. There is too much to say here, but you can join the facebook group: "Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 Fans. There are videos(excellent) that the host did to teach you about the machine that you can view, and there are people who post questions & answers daily. It is extremely helpful.

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