HGTV - The Stagers - Are they right?

marti8aAugust 5, 2009

Trianglejohn mentioned the shows so I watched a few episodes of The Stagers - not because we are going to sell any time soon, but just to see the show.

On one episode, the guy wanted to repaint the whole house in cream, and he had a fit because of a thick mattress making the bed tall. We just bought a new mattress, and the only stuff out there (for good mattresses) seem to be the tall ones. Are they really a turn off to buyers, or detract from the way the room looks? And all neutral, really?

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I'm not a fan of The Stagers show I think they go over board and over exaggerate things. I prefer shows like Get It Sold where the suggestions seem a little more down to earth.

As far as a whole house the same neutral color, I think every situation for staging is unique to each home-although it's not something I think I would do unless there was a good reason design wise.

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In theory a taller poofier mattress imposes on the room and takes up "real estate", making the room seem smaller. Hooey, I never cared what kind of mattress someone had in the room. But then again I have a good sense of space and bring along my trusty tape measure if in doubt. Some buyers may not.

Neutral appeals to the broadest range of buyers. I never let paint color bother me, paint is cheap. I'm going to repaint the room to my liking and it doesn't matter if the room is boring realtor beige or in your face purple. However, not all buyers can look past paint color or decor.

When I've sold my homes in the past, I never neutralized paint. I'd just make sure it was fresh and clean. But then I just don't happen to believe that everyone is as dumb as stagers want us to believe. But I'm sure there are some buyers that are very inexperienced and allow paint color and decor to detract from their impressions of the home.

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I would not give the mattress a second thought, but just FYI,one way to avoid the tall bed syndrome is to buy a "low profile" box spring. We did, simply to avoid needing a step ladder to get into bed.

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