Should I Replace Before Inspection?

planloverAugust 24, 2014

My bathroom sink is a cultured marble and has little fissures in the bowl of the sink near the drain. Because my bathroom has a beach theme I put some rocks in the bowl and that is the way we handled it LOL When we decided to sell the house we didn't want to spend money on fixing it because it wasn't something that I thought would make or break selling the house but now that we have an offer and are having our inspection I'm afraid the buyer will look at it as something I was "hiding" and get nervous that I'm hiding other things when in reality it was just my actual decor in that room. I still do think it looks cute and it really isn't, to my knowledge, anything more than cosmetic. Am I wrong? Should I try and get it replaced in a week? Should I offer cash to have it replaced before it's even brought up (my husband will die because he feels the guy low-balled us anyway) or just let it be? Obviously I'll remove the rocks for inspection day.

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Getting our reno house ready for appraisal, I've had the tendency to replace every broken, ugly, or worn-out thing I could. I really think I've done myself a big disfavor, spending money I didn't need to spend. In your case, the inspector may or may not note it. If he does, your buyers may ask you to replace it. I'd wait if I were you; you just never know what the report will contain or what the buyers will ask for. And remember, just because they ask, doesn't mean you have to do it. (Unless, of course, it's a sticking point for the lender.)

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I wouldn't.

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I think that is something the buyers should have been aware of. The purpose of a home inspection is to make buyers aware of safety issues or things buyers would not be expected to uncover themselves. I don't think inspectors concern themselves with aesthetics. Now if the sink doesn't drain properly, they will point that out. But they dont care how it looks. Leave it alone.

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If the drain runs clearly and the sink doesn't leak, it's not a structural or mechanical item and shouldn't be an inspection issue. If it does come up, then you can deal with it. If it doesn't, don't waste your money on it. But DO NOT change something that the buyer saw in the house and wrote an offer on without them making the request and approving the change. They made the offer on the house as they saw it.

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If for some reason this doesn't end up being a sale (but I hope it does) you might consider taking the rocks out prior to future potential buyers looking at the house.

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FWIW, our master bath vanity (CM with integrated CM sink) had a ton of cracks in the sink when we bought the was original to the house so about 25 years old at the time). I hated it, but lived with it for 10 years before we changed it (due to another bathroom repair and "project scope creep").

In my neighborhood, the homes are all in that weird place where things are wearing out for good. Some are being remodeled, some are being repaired...the listings I see have a mix of new and old things.

I wouldn't fix it for selling.

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Thanks so much!! 100% say leave it as is so that's what I'll do. I especially like the note that the people made an offer on the house as they saw it so obviously changing something that big would be inappropriate. Thanks for helping me keep things in perspective. I'm a little frazzled at this point. Soooo stressful all this selling AND buying...UGH!

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