Recommendations for undercabinet powerstrips (mount on cabinet)?

akcorcoranApril 5, 2013

Looking to eliminate outlets in the midst of my backsplash and also get more outlets so we want to go with the undercabinet powerstrip situation. They should be hardwired, I assume - are their powerstrips specifically created for this? And, can anyone recommend a brand and model?

My cabinets are a color called macademia (pictured below) so it would need to be a light color (but ideally not white white?) You match to cabinet, not backsplash, right?

Thanks in advance!

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Your kitchen is looking awesome!!!!!!

Ours were basic plug strips (GFCI) and GC mounted an angle strip to make it easier to plug in. Ours are black but they came in different colors. Not sure of the brand but could probably find out. I chickened out and did put 3 plugs in the backsplash but wish I had not put any in the backplash - but I hide them well.

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Plugmold is a general 'go to' brand.

AHJs may not accept anything that looks like a typical power strip with a flexible cord.

They are not normally considered 'permanent.'

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I don't think I explained ours properly. They look like a basic strip of plugs but are specifically designed as a plug mold just not the brand plug mold. There is not a flexible wire but are permanently hard wired into our electrical system.
They passed our rigorous codes and inspections on the first try.

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a2g - if it's not too much of a problem, can you share with me what you used? I've seen the Task ones, but am hoping for a less expensive option.

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We bought aluminum plug mold on-line from Mr. Supply at what was to us a very good price. We used it in several spots in the kitchen (it can be cut though you will have to buy additional end pieces). In the undercabinet area, the cabinet maker trimmed the under cabinets so well that is completely hidden. (we could have used plastic instead of the cool looking aluminum!) I could take a photo and post it if you are interested.

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Andrea - I looked through my kitchen materials and didn't find it - I think it might be this as I have a vague recollection of "wire mold". For code - you must have a GFCI version.
Ours are black, the link shows an ivory version - the key is the strip of angle wood to mount it - much better than the commercial version which actually mounts on the backsplash just under the cabinet trim. I am not sure of the brand but the HD version looks like it might be a match.

I also found ivory at Home Depot

One thing to remember - if you leave something plugged in all of the time - you will have the dangling cord - which is why I chickened out - in retrospect, I would have used an air/laser switch for my disposal and nuked the wall switch at that location.
Used only one switch for UCL and nuked the wall outlet in my baking area.
The corner outlet - take it or leave it - DH leaves his coffee machine plugged in.

2LittleFishies - mounted standard boxes under her cabinets.

Hope this is somewhat helpful.

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Carol - photos almost always help on this board, so if you get a chance, it's nice to see.

a2g - thank you for looking. I know GFCI is important...wonder if it's possible to do what we have now - the first in the line is a GFCI and then I think you can run 3 additional circuits (? not sure if that's the right terminology) from that GFCI - will defer to my electrician on all of that stuff!

That's a great thing to think about regarding the cords hanging down and we only intend to have maybe one thing on our counter that plugs in and stays there, so we're debating right now on if we put a plug low to try to keep from seeing the cord or what we're going to do.

Thanks to Ginny's suggestion for the GD, I'm pretty certain that we're going to go with the fiber optic "switch" that she went with - it seems pretty slick. We're hoping to hide the UCL dimmer and the sink light switch under the cabinets as well to keep a completely uncluttered backsplash.

I wonder if anyone that isn't on this board will walk into my kitchen and go, "Wow, that's a fantastic idea." or if instead they will go, "Whoa, she's totally crazy." Perhaps a little of both. :)

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Andrea - I think that is what sparky must have done as I don't actually see the GFCI on the plugs - but know they are there somewhere. I will have to check.
I know we passed inspection on first round and I remember discussing this. They also must be tamper resistant which is a bit of a PITA - just makes it a bit harder to plug in - which is why I have a few outlets at surface level.
So, the coffee maker stays plugged in :-) My DH has his plugged in but I don't drink coffee. We tried a few spots for his coffee maker (He thought I didn't think of his coffee in the remodel - but gave him 5 choices - we tried spot one- but too much competition with my bake zone. Then it found a home in the corner where one of my lower plugs are located.
There is also something called Mocket sockets - which pop up for use. I might look into that for my end counter run but don't think I can add a hole to the counter without having a conniption - LOL

BTW- beautiful cabs and countertop - Just love the colors - have you picked your BS yet? We can't have you living in the ABB club with that awesome kitchen!

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Ah yes, "tamper resistant" They are a huge PITA. I hate them. And we don't have kids. And if we did, they would be taught as I was not to put things in the electrical sockets (that they wouldn't be able to reach when they are little anyway!) Sometimes I think we try a little too hard to save ourselves from ourselves. But, I digress. haha

I did look at the Mockets at one point and thought they were interesting - but if I don't want to put holes in our backsplash, I think I'm even less enamoured with putting more holes in our countertop since they seem a little "gadgety" and may not stand the test of time.

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Can anyone update this thread with recent shopping experience? My GC is asking me to choose the strips (some for under white upper cabinets, some for under espresso island counter overhang). I'm reno-exhausted and can't work myself up to going to Lowe's. I just want electricity...well, ok, I want it convenient, hardwired, GFCI, not tamper-resist if possible, and matching the cabinets. Is there more to consider? If you've taken the OTC (over-thinkers-club) course in this, please share your notes?

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Le Grand Tamper Resistant Plug Mold is good. But, a separate GFCI under cabinet source (like an outlet box) must be used on the side the Le Grand is placed as it is not GFCI capable.

Also, local code placement of outlets prohibited it's use every 2 feet on my sink side. I used it mainly at the beverage center but I do find it superior to outlet boxes under cabinets.

You can buy Le Grand 2000 TR plugmold at the HD and Lowes and lighting stores: one 6 foot strip in white was about $120 I think. It is cuttable too.

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Thanks, Sparklingwater, I'll get to the stores today. I'm hoping it has USB, a low profile, and that I don't think of any other attributes for which to search!

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If you want anything but white - you might need to order or go to a specialty electrical stores

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What a pretty kitchen akcorcoran! Absolutely LOVE your granite with your cabinets! And the window design...just perfect. Enjoy!

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