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chrismenJanuary 29, 2013

I am in the process of buying a small studio apartment to use as a pied terre ( 4 nights a week max) and want to make it more liveable. I have a number ideas but would like peoples views on them and if there are any issues with doing them.

1. I want to move the kitchen � see attached. I am leaning towards proposal 1, as it is 180cm in length and I do not need a full kitchen for my requirements. ( and I am not sure if I could build a conservatory/extension on the courtyard anyway.) Are there any issues for doing this that i need to be aware of?

2, Create a bedroom space � see attached. the main studio space is just under 20ft long and 14 wide. I would like to put in a partition wall of some sort to make it a bedroom. I am concerned that this room will be very boxy ( ie there is no window) are there any ideas to make this room "nicer". I am leaning towards frosted glass sliding doors but am a bit concerned that the light into the room will still be limited (

Any other decorating ideas welcome � roof height is about 8ft so very low, but the flat has a really nice feel about it, especially with the small courtyard.

Thanks in advance

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I assume the first layout is the current existing one?

With proposal #1, it looks like you walk through the front door right into the kitchen. I don't care for that. I prefer a small welcoming entryway. Also, if you have guests, they will have to walk through your bedroom to use the bathroom.

Proposal #2 maintains guest access to the bathroom, but you added a hallway, which wastes space, especially in such a small apartment.

I also wonder if it's possible in the apartment to move the kitchen plumbing. What kind of floors does it have?

It sounds like your main goal is to have a walled-off bedroom. Why not make that in the upper RH corner? That leaves the middle of the space for the living area. You can shrink the kitchen if you want, to just be along the top wall, with the living room opposite it. However, I do worry, even with that arrangement, that it will feel too small to close off a bedroom. Your whole apartment would fit inside my kitchen! :-)

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I can't see your plans well. Can you post a better photo?

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