White Kitchen Reveal and More

marthastooApril 13, 2014

I stumbled on Garden Web one year ago when DH and I thought we'd might want to redo our kitchen. Long story short, we ended up selling our house and buying a fixer upper that had stood vacant for 3+ years. There was torrential rainstorm the day we settled and when we walked into our new home, there were fountains of water spraying into our basement. That pretty much sums up our experiences in our new home. There is always something going wrong (think the movie The Money Pit), but just when we think we can't take it anymore, there is a blanket of powdery snow on the forest trees that surround the house or a host of recently erupted daffodils ripple in the breeze on the bank of the ravine behind our house.

The kitchen was original to the house, with green painted cabinets that were quaint, but the layout of the kitchen was inefficient. The following listing photos make it seem very light and airy. It's called Photoshop. Notice how the cabs look white. They're actually a medium green.

Here's a photo from my phone when we went to look at the house - dark and dingy best describe the room.

We moved a doorway, made the walk-in pantry smaller (sacrilege, I know), added a utility sink and cabs in the mudroom/laundry room/pantry area, but the structure of the room stayed basically the same.

Stole this idea from Houzz - I love having all my cooking utensils organized and easy to reach and no longer in a jumbled mess in a drawer.

My Wood Hollow inserts (thanks to GW!)

My Thermador microwave drawer - I had to have my cabinet maker come back to make it flush with the cabinet, but he made good on it. :)

My daughter wanted to pose for the photo: an action shot of the inside of my beautiful Thermador column.

The banquette and desk area: I know a lot of people don't use theirs but I live at my desk. It's where I do my work (I had 4 filing cabinets made) and I can watch TV in two rooms from my location. Normally I have my purse and other work paraphernalia scattered on the glass top. I can spread out all my papers on it - I love it! It also has USB outlets behind my laptop.

I had asked about the banquette fabric several months ago and decided to go with a neutral gray. Yes, I went for the "pops of color" with the red ikat and turquoise.

Kitchen Details
Custom Cabinets - Painted maple beaded inset in BM Chantilly Lace (debatable since our can of Chantilly Lace is whiter than our cabinets!) by Oxford Cabinetry, Oxford PA, all drawers and doors soft close
Island - Alder with gray stain
Perimeter countertops - leathered steel gray granite
Island countertop - Calacutta marble
Wall color - BM Genesis White
Wolf rangetop
Bosch 800+ dishwasher
Thermador Freedom Columns - 24" refrigerator, 18" freezer
Electrolux Wave Touch double oven
Thermador microwave drawer
Dornbracht Ultra faucet
Franke Orca sink
Broan Best PIK33 1200 CFM hood
Hudson Valley Lighting Gardner urn pendants
Capiz shell drum chandelier from Horshow
Backsplash - Encore crackle tile in mint
Porcelain Tile - Ceramiche Campo Galliano Rox Beige Natural
Crate and Barrel Turner stools
Pottery Barn Napoleon chairs and table

Laundry room/mudroom/pantry
I don't have any before pics of this because it didn't really exist. It was just an area from the garage to the kitchen with a closet with the washer and dryer and a walk-in pantry.

Electrolux washer and dryer
Moen Arbor Sense Touch Faucet
Kingston Brass Filtered Water Faucet
GE water filtration system

Also stolen from Houzz - drying rack that I love. The only thing is the top rack is very high and I need a step ladder to reach it. Now, people coming in the house don't see my drawers hanging to dry. LOL

Powder Room
The original powder room was so scary looking that nobody used it for several months until it was gutted and renovated. Here's the listing photo:

Not so scary? Try this more accurate photo from my cell phone. Dark, dark, dark plus the linoleum that looked like it had 5 decades of urine on it. :\

Restoration Hardware vanity and fixtures in polished nickel
Visual Comfort sconces
Kohler Archer toilet
Clarke and Clarke Augustus smoke wallpaper
AKDO basketweave carrera marble tile with carrera select and black galaxy tiles for border
Old mirror
Vase from Anthropologie

We enlarged the vanity nook and added a soffit to hide some plumbing.

My favorite things:
My Dornbracht faucet
Comfy banquette (I fell asleep on it once)
Bosch dishwasher that cleans so well (my old Maytag was a gunky piece of junk)
My kitchen desk
The marble island
Dimmable LED undercabinet lights
My Thermador that keeps produce fresh literally for weeks
A utility sink
Filtered water that's not in a refrigerator to cause drips and stains
A beautiful powder room I'm not embarrassed to have guests use!

The biggest mistakes (and there were many) during the process:
Plumber switched the kitchen and utility faucets (even though I had clearly labeled them)
Chandelier too far over to the right (we were too tired to try to make them move it over 3")
I would have made the drawers flanking the rangetop more symmetrical
I wouldn't have picked those fabrics again. Oh well.

I'm just glad it's over (well, for now). This house is a lifetime of projects. We also redid the kids' hall bathroom but it's a constant mess so no pics now. In a few years, we have a attic room addition and master bath remodel on deck. On a happy note, all daffodils in the photos are from our very overgrown but beautiful property. :)

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Beautiful!! Love everything about your kitchen, 1/2 bath and laundry room. It may be a money pit but it is now a gorgeous money pit. You did an excellant job on the transformation. Sit back, relax and enjoy for a while before you do any more renovating. You deserve a break.

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Martha, this is stunning! You said you have soft close drawers and doors. We are going to have custom inset cabinets and were wondering about soft close doors. Does the hinge mechanism take up much interior room? Are you glad you close them?

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Wow, great reveal! Amazing transformation! Everything looks beautiful. I love the light fixture over the banquette. I can tell you put a lot of thought into this remodel. Well done!

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Very nice. I like your powder room floor. Looking to redo mine and was just going to do basket weave until I just saw yours. Gives me something to think about.

Good luck with the rest of your projects.From what I see that you need with your kitchen and powder room, the other projects should come out great.

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Oh. My. Where to start? The powder room is a gem, the lights are delicate, the soffit makes it intimate, the mirror classic, and the little vase is a perfect home for the daffodils. The vanity is so classic too, and...is that brass?

Yours is the best desk arrangement I've seen, and it makes the desk totally usable. You have room to spread out, a nice view for daydreaming I mean thinking, and can move over to the kitchen table as needed. It looks central to the house, instead of "oh, let's stick a desk in this spot we don't know what to Do with".

Love the backsplash, simple subway layout but with so much depth of color. The pendants, the hood, the pop of color that is your daughter!

The drying rack! The drip/perm press shirt bar over the sink, great laundry room. I think I'll do a rack like that that then slides under a countertop...lower so I can reach, tuckawayable to be out of the way and sights. Great idea.

Such a transformation, you probably never want to leave, just set with a tea and watch nature.

Thanks for sharing!

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Simply incredible! So many wonderful details. Your island countertop is so divine I want to pet it. Totally agree with bpath on your desk arrangement; it's perfect. The drying rack, genius! The powder room wallpaper is awesome. You must be so thrilled every time you walk into your beautiful new kitchen!

p.s. Do you love your Thermy micro drawer? We have the same one and just love it! You get used to that slow open and close pretty fast (a "negative" some people state about micro drawers).

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The kitchen is amazing. What a lovely transformation. I love all the original windows in it. If the rest of the home is like the kitchen you have a beautiful home. And the property sounds like heaven on earth. What is the size of your kitchen? It looks huge, or is that the white paint that opens it up so much?

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Really, really gorgeous. I'm also putting a desk in the kitchen - I desperately need a "control center," and kitchen just makes sense. Any chance you could do a closer-up photo of the desk area?

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OMG!!! I thought I was in Houzz for a moment. Everything is to die for. I love your powder room vanity! If I ever decide to use a pedestal sink, I'm going with your setup instead.

Is your vanity marble carrara?

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Stunning, just stunning. You have great taste.
Was oxford able to help you with the design or did you design everything?How did you design those beautiful glass cabinets? Can I ask how much of an upcharge that was?

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You had fabulous vision! It all turned out so beautiful. Is the mint Encore tile a greenish color? It looks so gray on my screen. The Dornbracht faucet is indeed a beauty--love that!

The whole thing looks amazing!

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Terrific kitchen planning. It truly is beautiful. And that powder room, well, that has to be my favorite PR so far.

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Thank you for the kind words. Honestly, it took me about 4 hours from taking the pics to writing up the post!

Bph2 - we used a soft close stopper, not a hinge mechanism. Inset can only work with a stopper. They do take up some space, but the other option was slamming doors!

ck_squared - I do love my Thermador micro drawer and the slow close. I'm just afraid for when (and it will be a when, not if) it breaks. But for now, I'm loving it!

renov8r - the kitchen is 14.5' by 21.' We went with a light cabinets and floor because it was so dark to begin with and a happy by product is that it makes it appear bigger.

Lauraeds - right now, my desk is filled with papers (once again). I want to put a blackboard/corkboard in the "backsplash" area of my desk. I'll post pics when that happens.

linelle - LOL - DH looked at my pics and said "Those pictures don't look like Houzz pictures." The vanity top is carrera marble and brass too (although I don't think you asked about that). It's from Restoration Hardware:

scrappy25 - I pretty much designed everything myself. They just made what I asked of them. The upcharge for the mullioned cabs was an extra $1400 above regular mullioned doors! Still figuring out if it was worth it.

firsthouse_mp - the Encore mint has just a hint of green. It's really a taupey-gray with a hint of moss green.

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martha, those pics totally look like Houzz. :)

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Wow! You have a great sense of style. I love your reno and can't wait to see the rest of the house (hint, hint). Enjoy this wonderful space!

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Everything you have done is just gorgeous!

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That is wonderful! Both rooms are beautifully appointed. How long was your time frame for doing the kitchen? Btw, the slab on your island is just gorgeous.

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Beautiful kitchen!
I love the marble slab and pr wallpaper...totally houzz worthy!

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Everything is absolutely lovely. Amazing job. You have so much to be proud of! I am using BM Chantilly Lace on all our doors and trim. Such a great white--just barely warm yet still bright. Looks beautiful on your cabinets. The powder room is so chic. Thanks for sharing!

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Not to sound repetitive but.... It all is fabulously done- kudos!

??? Drying rack/drawer in laundry rm.---- was this custom because it is the BEST one I've seen thus far.

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Amazing job!!! Love the mullions in those glass doors.

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There is so much to compliment so I will just focus on my favorite thing: the powder room floor. Absolutely awesome!

You don't like your fabric? Honestly, I think the grey on the banquette is perfect. Anything else, patterned or brighter, would have been too much.

Also much like the steel grey counters, a softer look than black but still with a nice contrast.

congratulations on your lovely renovation!

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Martha, your kitchen looks light, airy & gorgeous. The movement in your Calacatta - what a beautiful piece of stone. Love your pendants & banquette fixture. And, of course, I love your backsplash.
Really pretty tile & vanity in the PR.
I could sure use that drying rack. What a great idea!
Congrats-it's all beautiful!

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Congratulations! That desk area would even make me want to work there... so well organized and with a view. Also a great corner banquette! I'm in love with the drying rack, and the powder room is just a wonderful collection of finishes. Love your counters and the glass cabinets, as well.

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Marthastoo, thanks for sharing your upcharge for the mullions. I think it was totally worth it for your kitchen since it is such a gorgeous focal point. SO impressed that you designed the whole thing yourself! Congratulations.

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simply amazing! your transformation looks like a pic from houzz or a magazine! so beautiful!

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Wondeful! your island top is amazing. Swoon!

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WOW! What a transformation! It is like a Cinderella story for kitchens. Your choices are lovely and you guys did a fantastic job. Love that powder room as well.

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You live in a magazine.

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marthastoo, what are the dimensions of your kitchen, including your banquette area? I LOVE your kitchen choices. Beautiful!

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Completely gorgeous! Enjoy it!

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Oh marthastoo -- oh my! Fabulous reno!!

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Wow - I don't know that I can add any more superlatives to what has already been said. Awesome transformation. Really love all those windows that you have. I love the drying rack in the laundry - is that a closet or pantry next to the w/d stack? Your 1/2 bath is the cutest thing ever. You must be so proud of what you've done. It is truly magazine worthy.

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Absolutely drop dead gorgeous and functional! The drying drawer is so unique! And I have to say that wallpaper may end up in my guest bath. I have been trying to find something to give it that WoW factor. Yours jumped out at me!

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ohhhh I just loved it. And the laundry room that hadn't even been there before.

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White Kitchen interior looks elegant and stylish. It gives a timeless look that never gets outdated. We have White Kitchen Cabinets in our home as well.

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I can't believe you have an in-drawer gadgets space. I was wondering if something like that could be done while I was preparing dinner tonight! I have 3 containers on my counters and was thinking it would be great if they were out of site, but not loose in a drawer. You stole from Houzz and I'm going to steal from you, lol.

All your spaces are absolutely lovely, and well planned out.

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Martha - I have a question for you... How wide are your utensil and knife drawers? I have a 30" and I'm wondering if I have enough room to combine utensils with knives. I love the inserts. Thx.

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Thanks again for the kind words.

deedles - we demoed the kitchen in late September and had the kitchen basically done except for a few things by mid November. The powder room was demoed in August I think but that was finished very slowly since the tile was miscalculated and it was a special order of 6 weeks each time.

RhettDrive - yes, the laundry room cabs were also custom. They also made a soft close double hampers in the bottom cab.

dccurlygirl - the kitchen is 14.5' x 21'. The banquette is 82" by 64".

Mgoblue85 - yes, that is a pantry next to the washer/dryer. You can see the glass pantry door in the first photo of the kitchen. I took photos of it, but they all came out blurry. It's all Elfa shelves and a moveable cart with butcher block inside. We keep our toaster oven in there as well. Also, the knife drawer is 16" and the utensil drawer is 14" wide.

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Spectacular renovation! Congratulations! About 1 year ago we did a kitchen renovation and created a laundry room/mudroom from part of the garage and another room. Very similar to you. Our only issue is that, unfortunately, the contractor didn't manufacture the laundry room counter high enough to accommodate our LG washer and dryer. They removed the feet to allow them to fit under our granite counter however, now they vibrate so much that the glasses in the kitchen cabinets which back onto the laundry room wall have fallen out of the cabinets. Crazy! So my option was to have them rip out the laundry room or wait and eventually replace the W/D. Well, I'm shopping for a new W/D now and I cannot have any W/D taller than about 38 inches. From floor to the bottom of the granite counter is 38.75 inches. I've been looking for W/D to fit but the only ones I can find are Miele (which would be quite a lot too short, not to mention smaller load capacity) or the Electrolux models that should easily fit under a 38.75" space. I've been told that the EWFLS70JIW vibrates a lot and that there have been many returns and repairs with Electrolux by the sales rep at Sears. Looking for input on whether you are still happy with the W/D. I personally have had bad luck with my Electrolux Fridge and Stove but I still really like the styling and features so I'm torn. Any input is appreciated.

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Rybren2 - We have the 60J so I can't speak the the 70J, but I don't have any complaints about it so far. It's not super loud, but it's not quiet either. We had and LG in our old home but our old laundry room had a door, so I never really heard it. It's hard to compare to the Electrolux since it's connected w/o a door into the kitchen which is connected to the family room. I do hear it while I'm watching TV in the FR, but faintly. As far as performance, it's fine. I don't notice it's any better or worse than the LG we had.

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Thanks for the feedback. That's helpful! I have a pocket door between the laundry room/mudroom but my kitchen is also open to the family room so if it's just a matter of hearing it faintly and shutting the pocket door if required I am fine with that. Good to know you've had no issues so far.

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Thanks for the added info. I just may be able to do a combo insert. Appreciate it!

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Your kitchen makes my knees weak. The banquette + office area gave me palpitations. WOW! What a great job. I rather doubt I will ever have a kitchen so large but if I do, I will borrow the banquette + office design. Well done. Just glorious.

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I don't know how I missed this - and since everyone else pretty much said what I was thinking, I'll just say "ditto!" I do love those pendant lights and the chandelier! You must be so happy to walk in there every day - I'm jealous!

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Wow. Just wow. Absolutely gorgeous. I love all the details, and I would have to say that the upcharge on the doors is "worth it" from my perspective as they really add a statement to the room.

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Mick Mick

Beautiful!!! You made absolutely perfect choices.

I especially love the Capiz Chandelier. I didn't know that those existed. Must. copy. that. one.


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I love your kitchen so much! I love the cabinets, shade of white chosen, the hardware, the gorgeous tile floors, the gorgeous counters, the beautiful backsplash, the sitting area, the desk area, the decorative glass doors, and really everything about your kitchen!

Can you post a close up of your beautiful perimeter counters? Both counters are gorgeous! Do you have any pictures of what you did with the trash situation?

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful White Kitchen Reveal!

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Your kitchen is gorgeous! We're planning our kitchen reno now and contacted Oxford Cabinets for an estimate. Would you mind sharing your cabinet and installation costs?

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Wow, just gorgeous! Could you tell me what the exact name of your granite is?

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I wish I had more time to write a more detailed gushing of your gorgeous rooms! I'm on vacation and am sneaking a quick peek at GW! Love, love, love EVERY single thing! I'm sure I'll look more at the details when I get home, but fantastic job!

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*All* very beautiful. I love it all, hard to pick out what I like best! Just gorgeous

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Martha, First and foremost you did a specular job on the kitchen. I have a few questions if you don't mind answering.
Ceiling Height? Wall cabinet height? How much of a bump out on the sink cabinet? and How wide is your hood?


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Oh wow! All I know is that I gasped out loud when I saw the transition from the "before" to the "after"! Totally amazing kitchen, and such wonderful details! Enjoy!

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So did you submit your "afters" to any of the kitchen/bath magazines? Your work is absolutely beautiful.
And, of course, I'm biased about beaded inset! :)

Great job.

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lynn2006 - We did a double trash pullout to the left of the sink. I didn't take any pics of that, but it's pretty typical. I think the pics of the knife insert shows the perimeter counters well - it's a dark gray with flecks.

cani123 - the granite is called steel gray (leathered)

mgmcole - I'd rather not post the cost here, but you certainly message me if you still like to know. Suffice it say it was almost half the cost of all other custom and semi-custom cabinet quotes I received, and they couldn't/wouldn't do the banquette and desk for the price Oxford quoted me. I definitely recommend Oxford, but you must be patient. They will get the job done right, but it will definitely take longer than they say it will.

aires61 - We have 8' ceilings, the hood is 42" wide, and the wall cabs were 37.5" high (custom, obviously!). Both the sink and range cab bump outs were 3".

Thanks again for all the nice comments. We do love our kitchen so!

This post was edited by marthastoo on Tue, Apr 22, 14 at 16:32

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Martha, Thanks for the information. If you don't mind, can you take a closer pic of you hood? If not I understand. It's looks like you did a 2 piece crown. What style crown did you do?

Thanks again.

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Thank you for the information. I wonder if Oxford Cabinetry would travel to Northern, NJ? I will have to see how far they are from me and call them. Then I will have to compare with Shiloh and a few other brands that I already know the prices of. But going custom will have less fillers and may be best for me if they can come to my home and the price is no more than semi-custom and they can not only make the cabinetry but install it.

Would you be so kind to tell me what recessed lighting bulb you used in the ceiling and what color temperature? I know I am doing 3,000K in my home office and not the warmer 2700K and 6" bulbs with 1,150 lumens LED But in my kitchen, I wonder if I should be going warmer at 2,700K if I plan to do white cabinets. The color of your white is so pretty. Are they satin?

What grout color and brand and grout width did you use for the beautiful big tiles on your floor? Did Oxford install the floor or did another company?

I really do love your counters. Do you find it easier to work on the darker or the lighter counter? I have no room for an island so I have to choose either dark or light counters. I like how your dark counters have a mixture of dark colors and go so well with the stainless steel appliances.

Did a separate company install your counters or did Oxford Cabinetry?

I have 8 feet ceilings also and would love cabinets 37.5" tall so that the crown is not too much. Yours looks so nice. How many shelves do you have inside?

I love the utensil drawer!

Thanks for letting me know you chose the double trash and recycling combination.

Enjoy your beautiful and functional kitchen!

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Drive from my home to Oxford, PA per Google Maps is:

139 mi & 2 h 43 min

Show traffic Currently 2 h 48 min at 7:38 PM on 04-22-14

What is the farthest this Amish Cabinet maker will drive?

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Stunning! Gorgeous, so love the new bathroom makeover. The kitchen is unbelievable! Great job!

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Wow! Wow! Wow! Linelle is right ... looks like Houzz!

Great job!

I may have missed it, but can you comment on the knobs/pulls? Are they from RH also?

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aires61 - we used a cove molding throughout the kitchen:

lynne2006 - I'm embarrassed to say I have no idea which kind of lightbulbs we used in the recessed lighting. I just came home and the electrician had put them in. I rarely have them at full blast though - usually I have it at half power. I'm not sure if the cabs are satin. They are a pretty standard finish for cabinets, I think, but they didn't ask.

The grout color is antique white and I'm not sure of the brand (whatever they use at Avalon Tile). All the tile was installed by a tiler supplied by my GC, not Oxford. Oxford only installed the cabs - nothing else.

I love my leathered granite - it's bulletproof. I honestly don't know how I'd handle the marble on the perimeter since I do all my food prep on it. I'm so happy that I got the best of both worlds - my hassle-free leathered granite for food prep and beautiful calacutta to make my heart sing.

The cabinets all came with four shelves. I have no idea if Oxford would come that far.

BlackChamois - the pulls and knobs are all RH - Lugarno pulls and Gilmore knobs.

This post was edited by marthastoo on Thu, Apr 24, 14 at 9:59

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your renovation is amazing. Beautifully done.
thank you for all the detail. I'm going to borrow your drawer organizing ideas.

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Martha, thanks for posting the close up of the hood. It's appreciated.

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Each and every space you have done is done to perfection!

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Hi Martha,
I absolutely love your kitchen, bathroom and laundry room! Thank you for sharing. I'm only in the beginning stages of my kitchen remodel research (and like you) stumbled upon GW recently.

I was curious what the depth / height of your banquette is since you mentioned that it was very comfortable. Does it have storage underneath?

How wide and high is the cabinet that holds the utensils? How high is the drawer underneath that? It's such a great idea.


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Just stunning! I want to come over and lounge in that kitchen forever!

What color is your grout? T.Y.!

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Your kitchen is phenomenal! Absolutely gorgeous!

We are also considering Steel Gray granite. How did you decide to go with the leathered option vs. standard. Do you have any pictures close up that you can share? I thought the leathered might make the stone look too light / washed out, but yours looks stunning.

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