Paint colors for staging houses

mom270August 13, 2010

Does anyone have a list of great paint colors (hopefully Benjamin Moore) for staging homes? I tried Googling this and didn't come up with much. Thanks.

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No but since a lot of people seem to like Pottery Barn you could look at the colors they used and they are all BM.

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We mostly used Kilim Beige (not sure that is correct spelling) which was recommended by the is Sherwin Williams. I must admit I don't usually like brown tones for paint but it looks great. We also used upward gray in a few small rooms and it is fine also but better in small rooms.

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We didn't stage our home--the agent said it looked great as it was--all our walls were BM White Linen. Closing is Sept 15th.

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Neutral colors are easiest to sell.

Even if the buyer does not like them, they can usually live with them till they get around to changing them.

I had a house with a small half bathroom with dark brown walls.

It made an already small room even smaller.

A coat of off-white was a huge improvement.

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We painted all the main living rooms Valspar Moose Mousse. I absolutely love this color and will paint my next house the same. It is the most neutral tan I have found, and trust me I have tested over 20 tans :). No funky undertones to be found at all. Our realtor even commented several times that he loved the color. We sold in less than 1 week. I know it wasn't because of the paint, but I don't think it hurt.

The rest of our house was painted in neutrals. 1 bathroom was done in kilim beige and the other 2 were in neutral tan/greens. We did leave our daughter's room purple, but everything else was very neutral.

Good luck staging! That was my favorite and least favorite part of selling lol.

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We've used Valspar Hopsack and Almond Oil (one of the Laura Ashley colors) and we loved them both. I remember seeing Moose Mousse and I think that was on one of the paint chips. I agree - no weird undertones that don't show up until you get the color on the wall. We did the neutrals primarily for resale value in the future but I find that I really like the look - some people might find it a little bland, but I think it's calming, and you can use accessories for pops of color.

Here is a link that might be useful: Here's a bathroom that uses Hopsack

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A lot of the high-end builders in my area use Benjamin Moore Shaker Beige. It's very safe, yet warm.

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I think it also depends on the quality of light in a house. A darker house needs to be painted lighter to allow the light to bounce around better. What works in one may not in another. I'm selling an older north facing house and by removing window coverings, painting moldings BM semi-gloss white and the walls BM flat Linen White the entire house looks brighter and bigger. The transformation is quite amazing.

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What unchangeables you have to work with?

Before I made a final color choice, I'd hold chips or a fan book up against things like ceramic or vinyl flooring that will stay in place, or granite or laminate counters, wood cabinets, stone or brick fireplace, carpeting, or even bath fixtures.

Since these things can't be painted over or easily switched out, you'll do yourself and the next owner a favor by basing your selection on the colors of the fixed elements. The color doesn't have to match, but ought to be in the same family (warm or cool, clear or muddy).

Good luck.

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That hopsack looks like just what I have been looking for, but I get the impression that BM is a better brand. Anyone care to hazard a guess as to the BM equivalent?

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