Small Master- Closet placement

EkTrippenJanuary 25, 2011

Long story short, house is a small 1940 build, the master was a 1947 addition. It has been updated and opened up in the last 10 years to be a little more modern.

The master bedroom is 15'6" deep by 11'6" wide. There is a 6" drop step in as well. The ceiling height is 93" by the door and drops to 88" at the far wall. there is a 2'1" area behind the door that is unusable, but Ohio code requires closet to be 24" inside min, 30" is usable.

The current closet is horribly small 2'x4' inside on the lower right side of the room. A hanger literally touches the sliding door and the back wall.

I had to remove the old ceiling and replace 3 joist due to a ice damn backup. So while I am at it, I would like to move the closet to a more workable spot.

I was thinking a 3x6 on the upper right side of the room.

I have to be able to fit a king size bed in here. the only other thing I can think of is a built in or a corner closet

I cant get the html to work so got to copy and paste.

this isa quick drawing, sizes wernt used just a idea.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Why not move the closet to the long wall to the right of the door (as you face the door wall)? That gives you a 13'10" long room. Removing the existing closet will let you position the king sized bed either on the wall opposite the door or the kitchen wall.

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