Mortar and Freezing Tempaeratures

shw001January 16, 2007

If I repair lay some bricks with fresh mortar when the temperatures are around 45-50 farenheit, and temperatures drop to below freezing in about 8-10 hours, will the mortar be damaged and not achieve full strength?

(I know you need to give concrete 2-3 days, but the mortar joints are not as thick as, say a four-inch thick piece of concrete).

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Yes and yes. When new mortar gets below about 40 the curing process slows down which adversely affects the final strength of the mortar. When new mortar gets below freezing, the moisture in it expands as it freezes which will cause the mortar to break apart. Also, the sub-freezing temperatures will weaken the bond between the brick and the mortar. There are accelerators on the market which some people will bill as "anitfreezes." Not true, they accelerate the curing process, but won't protect the mortar until it is cured. If you need to lay the bricks in that kind of weather, your only alternative is to figure out a way to keep the brick and mortar above 40 degrees for a few days.

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