Mounting drawer hardware

Whit461April 3, 2013

When I go to mount my Princetonian hardware on the drawers, do I unscrew the drawer face to drill the holes and then screw from the back then remount the face to the drawer body? Sounds stupid, but I'd rather ask than make a mistake.

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I'm by no means an expert, but it seems to me that you would want to go through both the drawer body and front, so that the screw head is accessible, in case it loosens. But your screws might not be long enough for that.

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There are two ways of doing it. One is like annkh said and drill all the way through. Many pull manufacturers send out both short and long screws.

What i do when I have the situation where I take the front drawer off, I countersink a wider (though shallow) hole in the face of the drawer box itself. This way the screw heads have a recess to go into rather than tweaking your drawer front because the heads are hitting the drawer box.

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Great idea. Thanks. I am worried that if I take off the drawer front, and just attach to the panel, it will not be strong enough over time. Oh, yeah, we have new shaker style 5-piece fronts.

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If you have shaker drawer fronts, the ones with actual recessed panels, then yes, you really should go through the thickness of the drawer.

Also, understand that you may need to put something between the back of the shaker panel and the face of the drawer box. When you tighten those screws down, you'll see why. It will easily suck the face in.

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Dang. Ok, thx. Nothing h been easy on this remodel, so why should this. Thanks to everyone giving guidance.

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