Use your Featherweight?

K8OrlandoAugust 1, 2011

Now that I (finally!) have an ancient Featherweight, I've discovered I use it more than I expected. I thought I was getting it because it would be handy for taking on RV weekend trips to a campground, but after setting it up on my sewing table I often use this little beauty if I don't want to change the setup (thread, foot, tension, etc.) on my regular machine. I have Featherweight bobbins loaded in gray, beige, white and black so i can quickly change to any of the basic colors. I don't take classes so I haven't had a need to use it for that, but I've read that many people got a Featherweight specifically because it would be easy to take to a class.

If you have one, do you use yours or does it mostly live in it's case?


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I use mine in fits and spurts. Sometimes I set it up on the dining room table to work on a second project while the other project is on the Viking in the sewing room. I often plan to just piece on a quilt retreat and take the FW for that. The Viking is heavier and requires that I take *all* its accessories.....just in case.


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I don't have a FW, but I do have a smaller, lighter machine that I got recently for taking to classes and stuff. I used it right away for a couple of classes, then put it away. A few weeks ago I was making miniatures which I was quilting with the walking foot on my main machine, so I got out "Baby Brother" to use for piecing for the same reason as I didn't have to take the walking foot off "Big Brother."

The only problem with piecing a lot on the smaller machine is that it doesn't have a knee lifter, and I really missed that! And the walking foot from the other machine won't fit on the smaller one or I would have just switched what I was doing on each machine.


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Sadly I have two featherweights and they stay in their cases. I do all my sewing on my Jamone 6500 and love all the features it offers me. I really need to find new homes for the fw's, maybe where they will get the respect they deserve.

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My FW doesn't get used even though it is in great condition. I have no place to set it up and it is too much of an effort to take in and out. Would be great to take to classes if I chose to do one.

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I have two and use both. They sit with a dust cover, one upstairs and one down. I was hooked after Gwen and Teresa brought them for me as loaners at quilt retreat. They are so easy to piece on and I have other machines but they take up little room and stand there on the ready, both where I can also see the TV. I like to keep the FMQ machine set for that and an old machine with zig-zag is elsewhere for patching or hemming pants. I know, I'm spoiled.

One has a mechanical issue I haven't fixed yet and I'd trade up for a better one if I run across a deal. And, I've often bundled one up to take to a class. I don't use the cases and made a small sling with a handle from quilted fabric that I carry it in which makes it really small and compact. My MIL taught sewing for years with two she carried in her trunk.

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I have 3 now, gave one to DD, but love using all. One is in my "Florida room" another in the Motor home, and the third in the rolling tote to take to classes held only in the winter when the "snow birds" are here. I love the dependability, and the light weight of them. I do have others, but they are my favorites!

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