Regular or prep faucet for prep sink

eleenaApril 25, 2013

I am so close to having functioning kitchen but my remodel is completely stalled because I cannot make any decisions about faucets and lighting. :-(

I could really use some help and I want to tackle one thing at a time.

I already have a cleanup sink with a faucet, so I need a kitchen faucet, a filtration faucet and a soap dispenser for the prep sink. The sink is Kohler Stages, so it is deep enough but not too deep.

Do I need a regular (high arc?) faucet or a prep faucet? If I understand correctly, the main difference is that prep faucets are not as high "main" faucets. I may wash dishes in that sink from time to time, e.g., large pots and baking sheets as our cleanup sink is only 24" wide. But Stages is deep enough - I think - to not require a high arc faucet.


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I have the Kohler Karbon at my prep sink which is the 33" Stages sink. Love the combination and the karbon is an exceptionally functional faucet.

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I did a regular sized Brizo Solna at my prep sink. I would not have wanted it any smaller. I have a Stages sink too.

Also, there are triflow faucets (hot, cold, filtered). You might want to look for one of those, then you don't need a separate faucet for the filtered water. I have one at my bar sink and it's great. Mine is a two handle version, so one handle is the filtered water, the other handle is hot/cold.

*edited to fix the faucet...

Here is a link that might be useful: Solna, and I paid a lot less for this than what is MSRP

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Could you PLEASE tell me what brand you have?


Yes, I have been salivating after the Karbon for quite some time. I love Vella faucets by MGS as well as KWC faucets.

But they are all soooo expensive! I am so over the budget that I would like to save on faucets if I can. I was thinking I could get a good faucet for $500-$600, no?

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I'm losing my marbles. Delta Brizo. As if.

Brizo Solna is what I have at my prep sink.

I have Rohl Triflow 2 handle faucet (bar size) at my bar sink.

Sorry, going to correct the mistake now.

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OMG, Rohl Triflow kitchen faucet is $1820 on Amazon.

Though it includes the filtration system.

It looks like I have to get another job just to be able to afford a faucet, LOL.

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Eleena, my bar size one cost nowhere near that amount. I did do a lot of hunting, but did get it for maybe around $500? Can't remember. There are other triflow faucets out there I'm pretty sure.

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Kohler makes a faucet with an integrated filtered faucet (2 faucets in one) that I bought for my prep sink. I'm still in construction so it is not installed yet but I think it's a cool idea. I bought mine on Amazon.

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hm.. for prep sink i'll go with something that can reach very far easily and has the spray function.. , it's not that different from a clean up sink. So, one of those high arc one will do the job well, karbon will be "okay too" but it's not my style..

I think you will regret it if you get something small, keep in mind you got an awesome prep sink, and you maybe cutting things on either side of the sink, and you will be washing your cutting board, you will also be washing fruits/ veggies / fish on the shallow side of the sink etc.. so you really want a faucet that can reach both ends of the sink quickly. I think traditional faucet that has a pull out spray is not an good alternative because it's not easy to pull out and stick it back in quickly.

ya, some arc spray can get pretty pricey (ie KWC).. I have the hansgrohe starck and i think it's works pretty will for it's price and it looks good. Kraus are also good and they ar e cheaper, but more industrial looking.

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Thank you, all!


Love the Brizo faucet!

And that Kohler faucet is very nice too.

If I am not mistaken, a high-arc faucet comes handy for washing tall items. But it can also be "splashy" if one is not careful. I got a Kraus high-arc faucet for the cleanup sink, so I know... :-)

That is why I was thinking that I may be able to "get away" with a prep faucet for this sink.

Here is what confuses me.

The height is not related to spout reach, right? With a sink that big, no faucet will reach all corners, so having a sprayer is more important than the faucet height, no?

Also, I don't mind having a separate filtration faucet. Can both faucets be operated at the same time?

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well, i'm kinda thinking as a chef/ prep point of view.. so i don't know what kind of prep work you will be doing. Like my examples, cleaning a fish or washing vegetables, 'high arc' faucet are more convenient.

yes, the high arc is to accommodate tall pots, but it's also basically a 'pull out' faucet but instead of the hose hiding under the sink, it's exposed with a springy thing. it's like a 'coiled' electric cord.. so you have all those hose and it let you reach far when you pull the springy thing down. it won't be splashy if you adjust the water volume down when you wash delicate food, instead of more of a full volume for rinsing dishes.

So the Brizo is a pretty good prep faucet because it is high and it can pull DOWN very far (better then pull OUT). what i'm just not sure is how smooth and easy it retract.. esp after couple years.

If you already have a cleaning sink, and the prep sink is in a central place in the kitchen, i'll still get a 'high arc' but a more elegant one.. ..

oh, ya,, when i talk about 'high arc' I mean the ones with the springy thing.. not just a solid fixed high arc faucet.

Here is a video to illustrate my point:

just my thoughts.. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: prep sink

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These are excellent points, thank you!

Which brings up my next questions. I am going to start a new thread because they are not directly related to this one.

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