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cordovamomAugust 19, 2009

I'm curious as to other's opinions. My neighbors just listed their home. And their listing says cat/dog free. They moved in shortly before we bought our home, so they've been here a little over 9 years. They had a cute little beagle for the first 8 or more years, when it passed a year ago it wasn't replaced. So although their home is now pet free, up until a year ago it wasn't. I know there are no definite rules about this, but loosely speaking, how long does a home need to be dog/cat free before it can be listed as such?

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Well they aren't lying.

But that is a good question. I know we found fur from my first dog (he had a 8"+ long double coat) for about a month after he passed. I don't know how long before all his fur was removed from the carpeting.

My current pooch has hair and there are none of the usual "fur balls" floating through the house as he does not shed.

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You can say just about anything you want about your house. Take everything you read with a grain of salt.

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Have they replaced their flooring? If yes, then I might agree.

It could be that the disclosure asked if they had pets and they checked the 'no' box. The realtor then turned it into "pet free". I know that our realtors on our listings have added some descritions that made me go "huh?".

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I know they replaced their carpet 2 or 3 years ago, but they had "Angel" back then. But you could be right about the no box being checked and the realtor interpreting it as "dog/cat free". I'm just curious because when my daughter and her hubby were looking at homes, his extreme cat allergies had them crossing off any home that didn't have "cat free" in the listing. And now I'm wondering exactly how "cat free" all those homes they looked at really were!

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What does "dog/cat free" mean, it's ambiguous.
The question should be: "Pets kept on the Property? Yes, No, DonÂt know."

The disclosure should be more specific.

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Buyer beware. My state has absolutely nothing on the disclosure forms about pets, smoking etc. The only items covered are major systems and structures.

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You can always ask the seller whether he has ever had pets in the house and he would have to answer truthfully. Of course, they cannot speak for any previous owners.

Technically these people have answered correctly if they say the house is pet free (because it is).

If you are allergic, you should have any house you buy thoroughly and professionally cleaned before moving in if pet hair is going to sicken you.

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Sounds like you're daughter and husband are throwing out probably perfectly good homes. At least by me its not listed in most listings, and frankly could mean anything if it were listed.

If the alergy is severe, their realtor could always ask the listing agent when they ask about a house.

I have 2 cats and my house is much more alergy free than a lot of listings I've looked at.

Pretty much the only accurate things I see in listings are the # of beds, # of baths and the address, all else is suspect, and frankly I've seen those messed up as well.

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ChrisK -- it certainly was a lot more difficult for my daughter and her hubby. In their area of the country it is the norm to list a home as pet free, many areas of the country where I've lived it isn't even in the listing. In any event they always had their agent verify with the seller that there were no cats in the home at the time of listing, but it doesn't mean there were never any cats in the homes as evidenced by my neighbors listing. My son in laws allergies to cats are extreme, I'm not talking sniffles and sneezing, I'm talking serious respiratory symptoms. They ended up finding a home that was pet free, only 10 years old and the original owner had cat allergies of her own so no cats had been in the home.

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