A happy ending!

caulk_kingAugust 10, 2010

We closed & funded! It was a smooth process - a little fast for us, but we got it done & moved out of the house this past weekend. To tie up several threads we've commented on recently:

1) Picking a realtor: we interviewed 3 & picked the most experienced in our neighborhood. Turns out, we got lucky & it didn't matter - house sold to 2nd person that looked on the 2nd day on the market.

2) Appraisal: we got lucky & it appraised for the sale price, just like the old days. It was priced fairly, based on recent comps - thanks to the experienced realtor.

3) Contract: no glitches. Buyer didn't ask for any closing costs or repairs.

4) Moving out: we were fairly confident the deal would go thru & closing was in 30 days, so we risked it and started craigslisting big things the day after we had a signed contract. Moving to a much smaller place so we really cleaned house. Did a 2 day garage sale in 106 degree heat the weekend before moving - never again - but because we had lots of really good stuff to sell that came directly from the house, we bucked up & did it. We were moving anyway & had this not gone thru, the house would not have shown as well empty, but we're glad we did it. Made the move a million times easier & less stressful.

I realize we got extremely lucky this go round & the timing was incredible. We didn't make a bunch of money having bought in 2006 at a high for our market, but fortunate to live in a desired rural area that doesn't typically see the highs & lows of the national market.

Good luck to everyone on their properties!

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Good to hear about your success.

Our coming soon sign goes up on our home today - I hope we have the same luck you did, but I am expecting a bit more time and effort.

We have 2 weeks to get ready...

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Oh Caulk King, I am SO happy to hear about your good fortune...I only wish we had the same luck selling ours.
You are lucky to be in an area where the values of homes are not so deflated.....So cross your fingers (and toes) for us that it can happen...but it has been three weeks and only two showings so it gets pretty discouraging....but we knew it was in price range that wouldn't be easy to sell here.


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Thanks you montel & phoggie. I am keeping everything crossed for both of you! We totally lucked out & I know it. Phoggie - please keep updating about your choices & what you decide to do. The new house in the area sounds promising - wish the affordable house was in better shape for you.

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