this is the closest thing comparable---hope it sells!

suz1023August 5, 2012

we have such a unique property that there are no comps for it. i found this which sounds very similar, though we have a much,much more desirable location, and sounds like a house with nicer materials and features.

i don't know how they came up with this price--hope to heck they get it,lol!

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Sophie Wheeler

Perhaps you should consider a petition to rezone your property commercial then.

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we already are zoned for residential and mixed commercial use, a wedding facility or inn or mountain biking destination would all be welcome here.

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If your property and this one can both be used for things like weddings, resorts, etc do you worry that having 2 on the market at the same time will detract from your sales price, or would it increase it?

I'm not asking a leading question, I'm really wondering because I can see it going both ways. On one hand you could have a situation where people who see the other property will also view yours and possibly like it better. OTOH you could have a situation where one party is interested in a wedding or resort location, buys that one, and then other folks look at the market and say, "this area can't support 2 facilities like that, I guess I'll look elsewhere."

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