Ikea: there is only one thing I don't like so far...

chinchetteApril 30, 2013

We finished hanging the wall cabinets. this is an investment property. So the cabinets will be empty when I show it unless I go to town staging it. I don't like that bright white box that fits over the attaching hardware! Its like a little plastic soffit for the hardware! Anyone know what I mean? Did you have a bright solution for that?

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I have no idea what you mean. I just had Ikea cabinets installed and I don't see anything like you are describing. Can you include a photo?


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I also don't know and we have brand-new Ikea cabs. I can't see the attaching hardware at all...

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I believe the OP is talking about those little 2-inch plastic boxes that fit over the hardware where the cabinets attach to the walls. They are on the inside of the cabinets, in the top corners ... yes?

I see what you mean, chinchette, but I have no solution. My only Ikea cabinet is in the garage, so I didn't consider the appearance of the little plastic box one way or the other.

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Yes, I am referring to the little plastic box that fits over the hardware. But if two people have the cabinets and don't notice that, then I shouldn't worry, because my buyers will probably be fine with it too. I am a nut for these kind of things...

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Dont use their rail to hang it. Just use regular studs and screws.

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As to 8mpg's commentt: You need to use their rails to hang the wall cabinets. They are not constructed to be hung like a regular kitchen cabinet you might attach to the studs.

Ikea includes the white covers for white cabinets and brown covers for the brown cabinets. They seem to blend in pretty well and have never bothered me. I can't imagine anyone would care.

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We had white Ikea cabinets for over a decade. Those little white plastic boxes over the hardware never bothered me. This is one of those things you won't notice (I predict) in a few weeks.

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Wow. I just went and looked in my cabinets. I've had my white Ikea cabinets for almost a month, and I never even noticed those. Plus my cabinets are creamy white, and those covers are white-white.

Really, I don't think it's a big deal. Especially when there is stuff in the cabinets. I love my Ikea cabinets!


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Need to emphasize what xand83 said. Practically all the major failures with ikea come from disregarding the fact that they don't work quite the same as most cabinet lines and the akurum cabinets MUST be installed with the rail or they will fall off the wall sooner or later.

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ugh DO NOT listen to 8mpg !

repeat : DO NOT LISTEN to 8mpg.

Your Ikea cabinets will fall off of the wall. The 3/16 backer that's held in by tiny brad nails will not support the weight of the wall cabinet - especially loaded with dishes !!

chinchette - why do the covers bother you so much , especially in a rental ? Ikea cabinets are some of the least costly cabinets on the market and represent a good value. However, little details like that just cannot be made 1st rate at this price point.

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I'm selling it. It's obviously not going to bother buyers if you guys don't mind it. I think that Ikea is a great value. I will show the completed kitchen in a week or two.

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Meh...The lady at ikea asked how I would be mounting mine and she said you dont have to use the rails but it makes life much easier.

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^^^^ that is very bad advice from an Ikea kitchen person.

Strictly speaking , you don't have to use the rail, but the modifications, time and materials needed to screw the box to the wall far outweigh any benefit.

If you want traditional cabinets, you should shop somewhere other than Ikea.

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Oh, right--I do know what you mean. I thought you meant covering the hardware externally. I just noticed those things for the first time, and only in one of my cabinets. (I didn't think to check out all of them.) Yeah, not the most expensive-looking detail. But we LOVE our cabinets. A surprising number of people consider Ikea cabs a plus.

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