q: cheese grater design problems?

Jean.DaliApril 18, 2013

I am researching problems/weaknesses with design products in the kitchen, or more precisely: cheese grater. Speaking of them I have few questions:
1. How often do you use the cheese grater?
2. What type of cheese grater do you own? (concerning its design, ex. does it have a handle or is it a classic cheese grater? etc.)
3. Is there another product/tool that could replace the cheese grater in your kitchen?
4. What's the most difficult thing about grating cheese?
5. When cleaning your grater what are your greatest problem? (cutting yourself, takes a long time, not able to clean it through enough)
6. How many sides of the standard 4 sided grater do you use?
7. What is the most common problem with graters (time taken, not enough surface area, one direction grating, the ache from repetitive action, slipping of the grater, too small container, bloody knuckle problem)?
8. What is the ideal size for a good grater?
-Large (A grater you place on the table)
-Medium (A a hand held grater no longer than 15cm or 5 inch)
-Small (A greater you hold in the palm of your hand no longer than 6cm or 2inch)

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1. I use my cheese grater a lot for softer cheeses. I use a Microplane for harder cheeses like Parmesan.

2. I have the flat grater that rests either on the cutting board or over the bowl. I don't use a box grater because it would take up too much space and not fit in my utensils drawer.

3. Nothing to replace it. A food processor would only be worth getting out and dirty if I had a lot of cheese to grate.

4. Most difficult is grating the last of the cheese without grating any part of my hand. That, plus my dog loves cheese and is usually drooling by the time I finish.

5. My grater is easy to clean. I usually get the big pieces off and put it in the dishwasher.

6. N/A

7. Not grating my fingertips is my biggest problem.

8. I like the size of the grater I have which is definitely longer than 5 inches.

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Circus Peanut

We used to have the simple box grater shown above, but have moved almost entirely over to the Microplane brand. If you buy the "professional" series with thick stainless wire sides and handles, they make a plastic cover that slips over the sides to function as a finger protector. All the grate sizes are the same width, so you only need one interchangeable sliding finger cover. (We moved from the Pro versions after two of our black plastic Home versions broke at the handle.) Get the ones with the stainless handles and you can drop 'em in the dishwasher. Made in USA last I checked.

Another one we use relatively often for really big grating jobs (fondue) is the Mouli grater with the handle and different grating drums. It's fast and easy, and the best type for finger safety. We usually wind up delegating this job to whatever eager kid is standing around with nothing to do; they love using it. Made in France.

Here is a link that might be useful: Microplane Pro Series

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1. 1-2x week
2. Ikea grater with plastic bowl, 2 grater tops and plastic lid for storage http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/50153180/ and a box grater on a paper plate
3. Food processor when grating 1+ lbs
4. Cleaning
5. Not cleaning right away and dried cheese is hard to get off
6. One, rarely two
7. Everyone wanting to eat the grated cheese so you have to keep grating.
8. Large

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