Red reads brown - ARGH!

grooviaJune 30, 2013

Please tell me this is an iillusion. Ok, not REALLY brown. But I see it.

I painted my small half bath BM Pottery Red, after much deliberation. RT, Pomegranate, Maple Leaf Red all too bright. Raisin Torte and Dinner Party too dark. Pottery Red seemed like a great compromise.

Now, the morning after, with 1 coat on, it totally seems like an earthy, pottery color (duh, maybe they don't name the colors arbitrarily), and not the deep, rich, luscious red I was expecting.

The mirror is covered, so I know that's messing with my head. I'll stick a reveal bulb in the ceiling fixture. But, is this just me? Has anyone else found Pottery Red a little... earthy?

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it does look brownish red in the link, like a deep terra cotta red (think new roof tiles). If you are looking for deep true red, I can see where this disappoints. Yep, I see brownish red. (sorry)

Here is a link that might be useful: BM pottery red link

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I'm not seeing pottery terra cotta; it's more pink/purple/red on my monitor. But it is definitely not "red". The color will change just a bit as it continues to dry.

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It matches the red in my oriental rug in adjoining room perfectly. This has to be me. I guess we can add some moulding or wainscoting if it gets to be too much.

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You usually can't judge the color until you get a second (or third) coat on the wall. What lightbulbs are in the fixtures? That can change the paint color, too. BTW, that's a really nice color.

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It looks like a beautiful red on my monitor and also in the picture of the example room. Keep going. I'll bet it's going to be lovely. Also, check the paint chip against what you have to make sure they mixed it correctly (put a dab on the chip and let dry).

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I agree, do the two coats and then see, also the lighting. It really looks like a great color.

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It looks alot like hot apple spice which is a great color i used in several homes. Do the second coat amd live with it for a few days.

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It looks like an earthy, muddy red in the link above, though I know those can be way off. With a name like "pottery," though, the earthiness makes sense.

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