Reveal on sink - Sorry to bug all one more time!

a2geminiApril 6, 2012

OK - they came to template and asked whether the sink should have a 1/8 inch reveal or be under the counter by 1/8 inch.

This is hard to explain but basically, the way the Silgranit mounts, it either has to have a positive or negative reveal on the under mount.

Positive reveal would give a lip for the cutting board (which I didn't order but if I wanted downstream). Concerned about dirt collecting on the reveal.

Gives a nice finished look.

Here is a positive reveal from Peony.

Negative reveal - no lip to collect dirt but dirt can still collect under the lip.

Here is an old GW picture of a negative reveal (I think it was SusieQ...)

What have others done?

PS and to add to the confusion - one more faucet placement!!

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The biggest problem for us about a negative reveal (and it's more of a problem simply related to carelessness) is my propensity to accidentally catch the edge of the countertop with a plate, bowl, or glass. Couple that with the fact that it's usually our good stuff that gets handwashed and the next sink will not have a negative reveal.

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We're doing a negative reveal on my sink. In fact we just finished having that conversation with the granite guy about two minutes ago. I don't want the crud collecting on the positive reveal edge. I don't have a cutting board and no plans to get one. But, if I did, I don't think it would be a big deal to rout the edges so it fits on top of the granite.

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Pooh - we are on the same schedule - thanks for the support.
Can't wait to see pictures!

dseng - had not thought of that problem - thanks!!

I have to stop over thinking this kitchen!

I told them a negative reveal but have until 5:00 today to change my mind.

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Some strong opinions (both ways) expressed in the thread linked below. I went with positive reveal.

Here is a link that might be useful: revealing thread

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Would a small positive reveal like the one pictured above even be enough for the cutting board? Just curious.

I was second guessing myself about the reveal too. Spent some time looking at pictures of copper sinks and decided I liked the look and the cleaning aspect of the negative reveal better.

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Thanks for posting that link Angie. Sticking with my decision for a very small negative reveal. :)

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We went with a positive reveal for a few reasons.
We think it looks better,
We like the ability to have a drop-in cutting board
and we think it provides some small amount of protection the the granite edge.
Also, a friend of ours has a negative reveal and says that gunk collects under there and eventhough she wipes it down, since the underside of the granite is not polished, she never feels that it's really clean.
As for crud collecting on our positive reveal edge, we haven't found it to be a problem.

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Wow! Didn't realize I opened such a can of worms!!

Angie - great post - it didn't pop when I was surfing for an answer.

Looks like the battle of the reveals. I have 2 hours to make my final decision.

Pooh - Blanco makes a specific cutting board that drops into the sink and ledge - but it costs over $100! - zowie!

Stay tuned

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One more vote for negative reveal. Don't want to deal with stuff collecting in the reveal--no fun!

Good luck, enjoy your sink.

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a2gemini, I'm a ways off from any sink installation, but I've decided on a positive reveal. I'm pretty good about cleaning visible dirt, but not so good with the stuff I can't see. Given that, I decided that a negative reveal would get disgusting in my kitchen. In the thread below circuspeanut has a funny and informative post (with pics!) about "gunk" and the different types of sink installation.

Here is a link that might be useful: gunk choices

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I have the Blanco Performa Medium and mine was installed flush with the granite. Maybe you can't tell from this picture but there is no positive or negative reveal at all.

I just ordered the blanco cutting board from Faucet Direct and they will beat any other legitimate advertised price by 10% if you call or email them with that price. Check there website. The board arrived within a week and fits just fine.
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If I have to choose, then I want gunk I can see vs gunk I can't. A quick swipe with a small brush and everything would be clean in a positive reveal. Flsuh it down with the sprayer and you're good to go and there's no doubt about it.

On a negative reveal you have to brush it sight-unseen and then I'd be reluctant to just spray around underneath in case there was defect in the sealing and I might be forcing water into a crack.

If I can't have a flush reveal (neither pos or neg), then I would choose positive.


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Thanks a2gemini for posting that reveal. Quite honestly neither my DH or I were home when the sink and countertops were installed--just the KD. We never discussed reveal. I only knew I ordered an undermount sink. Guess I missed the boat on that. At any rate, I like the reveal they did. I doubt I'm going to get a cutting board resting on there--I measured it and it's about 1/4" and it bevels down. Guess I'd rather see gunk and clean it than having it underneath--as the saying goes--out of sight, out of mind.
Here's another pic...not sure if it's any closer.

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Thanks for all of the comments.
Looks like no middle of a road for this topic!!

I was all ready to switch to the positive reveal and my DH looked at the sink options and liked the negative. Since DH has been trying to pretend that the kitchen remodel didn't exist and I had to pry any opinions out of him - decided to go with his choice on this one.

Positive feedback for giving an opinion - maybe DH will be more into the rest of the choices.

Fouram - Great link! Loved that all sinks gather gunk! (or not)
Badger - thanks for the picture!!
Liri - I hope I don't regret the choice!
Peony - thanks for the close up picture - of course, my day would have been better if I didn't know there was a choice and it was just installed!!

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It will be great! And DH will be happy because it was his choice. You win all the way around.

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Thanks dseng
DH isn't into the reno - keeps saying costing too much! I handed him a check for $5000 for a new furnace.(which he keeps saying we will need and was worried no $$ for it) He had a puzzled look and I said - that is what we saved by staying on budget for a few months. Now, he is better about the concept....
Maybe there is hope....

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