QOTD 8-16 hand embroidery

rosajoe_gwAugust 16, 2011

I really want to make this quilt by Crab-apple Hill! The snow people are adorable especially the one where she is hanging candy canes on the line lol!!!

My summer goal was to learn redwork and so far nada. I can do them on my embroidery machine, but, I love hand work much more than sitting in front of a machine. Although, I have to admit the machine does better work than me!

So my question is, how do you transfer the outline to the fabric?? Everything I have read says this is the most frustrating part.

I have read about using carbon paper and I have doubts about it coming out. Then the pounce with cinnamon. I have used preprinted in the past and will NEVER do that again. They are too expensive and hard to wash out.

So what method do you use????


Here is a link that might be useful: WinterWonderland

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I have traced them with washable markers but have not done it for awhile.
I heard an embroidery instructor on a Martha Pullen show say to use a find red pen if you are doing red work. If you are following the line no need to removed as it blends in. I havn't tried it.

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The ones I've done I traced with a light box and used washable quilt pencils with a very light hand.

I like the idea of using the red pen I'd just worry it would bleed when washed and make a mess.

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I love that pattern! One of our guild members did a similar quilt for our 2010 show. I think she won a ribbon -it was fabulous.

When I do red/bluework, I trace over the design on my paper with a black Sharpie pen, then tape the design to my kitchen storm door, then tape my fabric onto the door over the design and trace with a thin mechanical pencil. It's not high-tech, but it works for me.

Here is the latest bluework baby quilt:

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They make tracing paper (Saral is one brand name) that is much less messy than carbon paper. I think it is graphite. It comes in different colors, too.

As far as the actual tracing goes, make sure your pattern and your fabric are anchored down securely. I've had trouble with tape coming undone and either the design or the fabric shifting.


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I'm not a big redwork fan, but that winter wonderland is adorable! I may have to give it a try. And I love the star border, too!


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NO, NO, NO......Rosa, stop it!!!!!

(cute quilt)


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Gorgeous quilt, Teresa (as usual) :)


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Dritz makes a wash away carbon paper,and it really works.Just make sure you get the one that says"WASH AWAY"

Iv'e also done it like Teresa by taping to my patio door,and using a mechanical pencil.

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I use a window or light box and use a fine line blue marker that washes out. If you make a tracing mistake, it's easy to wash that spot and do it over when it dries.

I love to do embroidery as a take-along and hope to finish up a redwork project when I go to retreat. Boy, that pile is getting bigger and bigger.

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I have done the tape and trace myself and it works well. Just use a very light hand. If you are very careful, copier ink will transfer by ironing, but it will be reversed (careful with lettering), and can smear if you wiggle the iron.


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I used to always use a very sharp pencil with a light box. Now they make a product called Transfer-Eze that you copy/print the pattern onto and it dissolves away with warm water (yes, it really does!). It is slightly thicker to needle through and I think you do need slightly tighter stitches to account for the paper dissolving, but I haven't had any issues with it beyond that. You print it, peel it, stick it on the fabric and start embroidering. Then put it in the sink in warm water and it dissolves.

This is one of my favorite embroidered quilts I made from a pattern called Dress Me Up by Bobby Socks (transfered with pencil)

Here is a link that might be useful: Transfer-Eze

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Carol regarding the red marker, I think that if one used a find pigma pen that it would be color fast. I may try it.
I believe that was what the instructor used.

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I have that Winter Wonderland pattern and it is next on my hand sewing project list. Several ladies in my guild are working on the same thing. I love redwork.
I made myself a light box using a large shadow box from Michael's with a coupon off, a strand of rope lights, some tape, and parchment paper. All for about $20. It is about 19" by 16" and works great. Far easier than taping to the window which was my previous method.

Oh I use Micron fine point pens for tracing. Don't know if they wash out or not. I use the red and simply stitch over it.


Do a Google search for "make your own tracing light box" lots of ideas out there in the web.

Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.needlenthread.com/2010/12/make-your-own-light-table-for-tracing-embroidery-patterns.html

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No suggestions - just wanted to say Beautiful quilts!

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Darn, I wish I didn't have so much going on already!! I really need to quit working at a job so I can do more of these fun projects! I love this pattern, and have also wanted to do some redwork.

When I trace patterns for my BA quilts (and most of my applique work), I also use a "light box". I had my dh make me one of sorts. I had him build me a frame (using 2x 4's) that is open on the top. Sort of like a table without a top. Then I found a piece of plexiglass to use as the table top. Then I put a small lamp (without the shade) on a stool (or something short) under the table. This gives me plenty of room to tape my pattern to the plexiglass and then my fabric on top. It helps to do the tracing at night, too. And I use a washable pen.

I'd love to see how this one comes out, so let us know how it goes (with pictures!!).


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Beautiful quilts!!! You ladies are so GOOD really makes me realize I have a long way to go lol!!!!

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