Finished! Modern, IKEA, quartz, Nexus Yellow-Brown, under $15K.

jakabedyApril 17, 2010

We are DONE! This was a 95% DIY effort and I'm excited to finally be able to share it with the GW kitchen board. I drew a lot of inspiration from the members here.

We had a 15K budget and actually came in a good bit under. We kept the same essential footprint and plumbing locations and kept the original paver flooring. The original pantries stayed in place and got a coat of paint (and the microwave moved into one of them). We built a new wall to create a fridge alcove and separate the range area for the backsplash feature. It was all DIY except for the countertops and the plumber. (Rest assured that the vintage Norge fridge found a great new home).

The before:

The after:

ÂIkea Nexus Yellow-Brown, "Spann" handles. ($2,600)

ÂZodiaq Papyrus ($4,380)

ÂKohler sink (32-1/4" x 17-3/4" x 9" deep) ($100 Â open box)

ÂPrice-Phister Mystique pull-out spray ($170)


ÂLunada Bay, sendai silk ($750)


ÂKitchen Aid Refrigerator ($1,386 Â Sears closing, floor model)

ÂKitchen Aid gas convection range ($1,492 Â Sears closing, floor model)

ÂBosch dishwasher ($450, LoweÂs repaired clearance)

ÂArietta Range Hood ($300)

ÂIn-sinkerator disposal with air switch. ($150)

ÂBuilding Supplies ($1,500)

ÂPlumber ($350)



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First of all - you have an absolutely gorgeous home!! I love all the beams & light & woodwork. Your new kitchen is beautiful & fits perfectly into the decor. Great job!!! I also am drooling over that clock (one of my obsessions lol!) Where is it from??

Enjoy your new kitchen!!

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Wow, what a transformation! I especially love the backsplash with the lighting.

Is that an Eichler home? There are a few neighborhoods with that kind of design, an interior courtyard, but I have never seen one remodeled as beautifully.

What a great deal on that range hood! Did you order it online, or locally?

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Thanks! The clock is a New Haven, ca. 1915. We came from a series of 1920s homes to this one and sold the bulk of the antiques. But we held on to a few things we really loved. The little table clock has a big brother in the dining room (old photo).

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eastbaymom - It's actually a Better Homes and Gardens design in the middle of the woods in central Alabama -- but clearly Eichler-influenced!

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Oh, the range hood is from Home Depot -- they still carry them. It doesn't have halogen lights and doesn't have the big CFM specs to handle a pro range, but it is a lot of stylish bang for the buck and moves the air well enough for us. I think they ome in 30" and 36".

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I am always so impressed when people can find a way to get a new kitchen for under $20K so huge kuddos to you! It looks fabulous.

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Incredible transformation! Beautiful cabs, backsplash, applicances, lighting--everything! I hope I can do as well sticking to my budget & finding great deals.

I'm sure you'll be cooking fantastic meals in your beautiful kitchen for many years to come!

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I love your mid century modern home. I love how the stonework was integrated into the interior of the house and there is a strong indoor/outdoor connection.

I really like the combination of nexus with white coutertop. I was thinking the exact combination for our rental 1960s ranch/MCM home. I will definitely keep toward that direction now I see how great the combination looks.

I also like the open uppers over the range. It opens the room and architecturally fits with the windows and openness of the room. My guess is that you have a walk in pantry in one of the doors so you don't miss the uppers.

Thanks for sharing.

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AMAZING!! Everything just blends together perfectly. Love the backsplash. Love your house. You've really done a wonderful job.

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Beautiful! Well done. :)

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Your kitchen is totally gorgeous and another testament to how very possible it is to knock it out of the box with Ikea! I'm really loving this one, especially the backsplash and how it works so well with the wall that separates the kitchen from the solarium. Great job. Be proud and enjoy!

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That was my first thought too "Eichler" great architecture...wonderful entryway.

Your kitchen turned out the beautiful back splash. GREAT JOB!!!

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Wow, that turned out so awesome! I love that you were able to keep the pavers, and the courtyard is such a fantastic unique feature.

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The new kitchen looks like it fits the house better than the original kitchen did:)

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What great bargains you found! Congratulations for the great bargain shopping, the wonderful DIY work, and putting it altogether.

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Very nice transformation. We are also shooting for $15,000 with our kitchen redo and it's not easy!!

Like how much light you have in that area of the atrium and kitchen.

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Wow! I love love love everything about it. I'm especially envious of your fabulous MCM--the windows, the beams, the atrium. I have a MCM, but I'm afraid it's not nearly as cool. Sigh. You did a fantastic job with the renovation. I adore your choice for the backsplash.

(And I think I we have the same living room furniture. I recognize that green Corona chair. )

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Oh, I just love your house! And your kitchen turned out beautifully. And I must congratulate you on your phenomenal shopping skills!!

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May I archive your kitchen to the Finished Kitchens Blog?
You can either email me with permission ( or indicate your permission in this posting.
Then, at a later time, please submit the FKB Category Checklist so I can easily categorize your kitchen.

Here is a link that might be useful: FKB Category Checklist

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Love it!

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starpooh - I'd be honored to be in the FKB - I found a lot of inspiration there in the planning stages.

Thanks for the compliments, everyone. We just can't believe how well it turned out, considering how frustrated we got at certain points when things just didn't go well and we had to improvise. I find myself just walking through the kitchen and touching things. Unfortunately this is it for the fun projects for a while, as the roof and skylights need work (note to future builders -- flat roofs aren't optimal in rainy Alabama).

The bargains are just a matter of taking one's time. The range hood was bought probably 18 months ago. The fridge and range last May when Sears was closing. The sink two years ago (an $800 sink for $100!) -- nevermind that we hadn't even started the planning yet! The tile got ordered when Mosaic Tile Source had a 40% off sale last fall. Oh, and don't forget to ask for the military discount (if applicable to you) at the big box stores. We actually got another 10% off the Zodiaq just for asking -- that saved over $400.

I've added a link to my blog, as it contains some posts from the "during" phase.

Here is a link that might be useful: Magic City Modern

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Nice job, love your backsplash tile. You have a great long run of counter space. Good work!

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Oh my goodness--is that an island or a RUNWAY? I am so jealous! Look at all that amazing storage! Fabulous space--great job.

Another fantastic IKEA kitchen! Congrats!

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Love your kitchen, love your MCM home. Truly wonderful kitchen at any price, but esp. at under $14k (amazing)! Congratulations and enjoy your wonderful new space!

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Amazing transformation for so little money! I especially love the range hood that looks like it cost at least 4X as much as you paid. Thanks for sharing.

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collins design

Beautiful! Nice job tying the existing materials (outer wall brick on the island, courtyard rocks, paver flooring) with your new backsplash and counters. I also like the two verticals of the hood and fridge/lone upper cabinet.

Your house looks like a BEAUTIFUL space to live in. We're trying to regain some of that 50's inside/outside connection in our old ranch house. Yours has it in spades!

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It is truly satisfying to see MCM homes finally being appreciated for their inspiring design. As one who has always admired the architecture style, may I add my compliments that you not only did a wonderful remodel that is much more appropriate than that hideous fake-country-barn look (which I can't believe was original?!?) - but to have done it for so little money is just absolutely flabbergasting.

Congratulations on such a terrific accomplishment. And if you don't want to tell anyone it was DIY, we'll all keep your secret because it definitely looks like a total pro job!

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Amazing modern house and now an amazing kitchen that really matches. You should submit your re-model to Apartment Therapy!

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An amazing home with an amazing new kitchen, I really love all of it, great design choices and I'm floored by your budget. Thanks for sharing everything!

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