LOOKING for: Cutout Cookie frosting or icing recipe...

favpat00December 5, 2007

Anyone have a good one that will hold up well to sprinkles/or sugar sprinkles? Tried to use a royal icing recipe adding sprinkles on top and it literally melted the sprinkles into the icing while it set. I'm thinking I might go with a butter cream or something this time, but would like a good one that will set well. Maybe adding cream cheese or...

thanks, Chris

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Mine is very simple. Powdered sugar and enough water to spread. I make mine thin enough to brush on. The sponge brushes work great. It dries fast also.

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I hate royal icing! Working with it is awful and the taste and texture is miserable IMHO.

For years I have used melted confectionary coating (ex. Wilton candy melts, white almond bark coating) thinned as needed for flooding & piping with Paramount crystals. Applied with squeeze bottles. Taste is great but it's tricky to work with (keeping it melted) and expensive. It was also limited to piping with a round tip and making dots, squiggles, etc but it wouldn't work with other tips. It's still my hands down choice for assembling gingerbread houses and "gluing" on decorations.

This year I'm going to try Toba Garrett's Cookie Icing. It sounds great and I'm going to try it in squeeze bottles. I have the kind of bottles that can use different standard decorating tips. I'm hoping I can make it work for my purposes. Check out the good link below. There is also a video http://how2heroes.com/videos/dessert-and-baked-goods/simple-cookie-glaze

I think it can be thickened enough to pipe. If your sprinkles melted into the icing, it may be because you put it on too soon. I'm not sure when the right time is with this frosting.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this will be The One!
Anybody else tried it?

Here is a link that might be useful: Toba Garrett's Cookie Icing

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PS- my worry about you adding cream cheese to your frosting is that it will never dry firm and you won't be able to stack the cookies or have them touch each other without ruining your designs.

I'd like to know more about sponge brushes Shirleywny5 uses.

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