QofTD 08/21/11 Easy one :)

magothyrivergirlAugust 21, 2011

Do you slip stitch the corners of your mitered binders?

I do - but do I need to? Do You?

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I usually do the backside corners when I'm sewing the binding to the back, but don't do the front unless I'm making a wider binding than usual.

I think if you enter quilts in shows the judges expect the corners to be stitched shut. Someone once told me they don't want to see "dog noses"! :) (If you look at the quilt on edge and the corners aren't sewn, they sometimes gap open and look like a dog nose.)


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I do if it gaps a bit. If it lays nice and flat I just leave it.

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I do, both front and back. Do I like doing it? NO! But do I think it makes my quilt look better and be more "complete?" Yes...... so I do it.....


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A few years back, I offered to hand sew the binding on a friend's table topper project - since it was a group effort anyway, it would not matter if she was not the one to hand stitch the binding on the back side. The judge commented on the quality of the binding sewing (how nicely it was done) which made me pleased as punch! And my friend won a ribbon in the Group Quilts category.

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I have on the ones that I hand stitch. Seems the right thing to do but I don't remember doing it on the few that I have machine stitchs.

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I do. I resent it, but I do it on hand-sewn bindings.

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If I'm hand sewing, yes, machine sewing, no.


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"Dog noses!" LOL I haven't called them that in the past, but now I will.

I stitch them closed. I almost always machine stitch the binding onto the front then hand stitch it on the back so it's not a big deal to stitch the dog noses closed.


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