Switch these lights together or seperate? Can't decide...

williamsemApril 20, 2013

So the time has come to make all remaining purchases. Meaning I need to pick switches and such this weekend.

I can't decide if I should switch the two lights by the fridge together with all the other recessed lights or put them on their own circuit. This is already going to be eleventy million times more lighting than I have now, so I'm having a hard time imagining how I might use the lights.

What do you think? For those that already have multiple light sources to use, would you want it all lit up at once, or the option to only light the hall area just when needed?

Here is the plan I'm using. Everything except the sink light will be on dimmers. All suggests welcome!

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I would want it switched separately.

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In our last house we had can lighting and I went with what the electrician suggested. I ended up having him come back and make separate switches. Otherwise the whole area was to bright and I found in 5 years I never turned on 4 of the lights.

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Holly- Kay

My under cabinet lights are on one switch, the lights over the sink on another. and the lights on the rear perimeter on another. Also over the table has it's own switch with dimmer I love light so I usually have over the sink, under the cabs, and rear perimeter on all the time when I am in the kitchen. I am going to put a pendant over the sink as well and want that on the switch with the other lights (recessed) are over the sink area, and hopefully another small pendant over my small island. If you like a lot of light all the time they can go on one but I would recommend being on their own switches so you can light as little or as much as you want.

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My kitchen currently has 3 light sources: UCL, can lights all the way around above the work zones, and 3 decorative pendants over the island in the middle of the room. When I am working, I like everything on. When I'm not, I like to leave on the pendants because they are so pretty. Finally, sometimes in the evenings I like to have on just the UCL because its warm and soft and feels cozy.

Because this is how I *use* my lights, 3 switches work well for me--1 for the pendants, 1 for the UCL, 1 for all of the cans. This is what I'm planning for my new home as well.

Hope that's helpful!

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