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snyderDecember 26, 2007

I got a half cooks bone in ham for christmas diner. I baked it at the temp and for the period of time that it said, and it is so tough you caint eat it. What do I do with it now? Thought about grinding it up and makeing ham balls or cuting it up in pieces for ham and beans? I always pressure my ham and beans for a while. any more suggestions.

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Snyder, so sorry that your ham didn't turn out!

Ham hash is great, and cutting the ham in such small cubes would render it's tenderness (or lack thereof) moot. Deviled ham makes great sandwiches, and freezes pretty well. Do you like Split Pea soup? When I make a ham I often freeze small portions in zip lock bags with all the air pushed out to have on hand for Split Pea or other soups or to add to Mac and Cheese or Omelets.

I'm not crazy about Cook's hams, but I've never had one be that tough. I don't think it was the cooking time, because if you cooked a ham long enough to dry it out and toughen it like that, the burning smell would likely notify you!

Occasionally, in my restaurant days, we would get a Prime Rib that was just like chewing on rubber, and we bought a good quality! A meat rep told me once that it had something to do with the animal having a physical trauma before slaughter, but who knows if that is the truth or if he was just blathering.

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Our guests were two hours late due to a flat tire so our ham was tough. I need some recipe ideas for leftovers. Thanks for your help.

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Over cooked ham...or most other lean meats will be tough.
You can cut it up and make ham and bean soup...or pea soup, or lentil soup, or corn chowder.
Or you can grind it ( or chop fine by pulsing in a cuisinart) and mix 1/3 ham with 2/3 ground beef and mix like a meat loaf and bake it.
Or you grind it and mix with a little grated raw onion, some mayo and pickle relish and make sandwiches.
You can chop it up and use in scalloped potatoes.
Lots of things to do with overcooked ham.
Linda C

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What I'd do is put the ham in a pot & cover w/water, then bring to a boil, then lower the heat so it simmers. Meanwhile peel 4-5 whole onions & throw in the pot, along with 6 or 8 carrots, cut in half. Let cook for 15 minutes, then add 1 head of cabbage cut in 6 wedges. Simmer another 10 minutes then add 6 potatoes, cut in half. Season with some salt, pepper and cook just until the potatoes are done. Voila! New England Boiled dinner!

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Yes, it is true that animals that are really frightened do have tough meat. It is particularly true of pork.

There is an autistic woman who is famous for showing slaughter houses how to move and treat the animals so this doesn't happen. Most of them use her ideas now.

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We had the worst ham ever this Christmas. I didn't cook it yet , as it is bone in fully cooked. But when we steamed it or used it as usual with potatoes au gratin or something it was not only salty but it had kind of pock marks in it. I just made ham salad in the cuisinart with part of it, and froze the rest.
We tried steaming it with some bourbon and even that was awful. We were going to do a New England boiled dinner but I froze it. Some other day I can make baked beans or something.
So I don't know about the pig being frightened but I was annoyed. I suspect that somebody decided to cut corners and the product was poor as a result. I went to college in farm country and I know that properly smoked ham doesn't turn out this way.

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