Does waving your credit card before the reader suffice?

joyfulguyMay 3, 2013

They had a program on our national radio the other day about how someone from their agency, and it might have been related to the "Marketplace" program on their TV network, had found a scarey thing about the credit cards that you just wave ove rthe reader.

They had found an app that was placed on their mobile phone, which read the details from someone's card that was in their wallet, in their pocket.

Got enough info that they were able to use it to buy a bottle of pop/soda.

Check it out.

ole joyful

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There's a gadget about the size of an iPad that criminals are using to wave over your purse and read all your credit cards at once.

There are hard case wallets that protect your credit cards and other info (driver's licence, etc.) from these scanners. Since I can't find one thick enough for my use, I read that using aluminum foil sheets to insulate the wallet would work too. Dunno if this work or not but it made enough sense that it's what I've done.

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I just learned about this recently, and it is scary. I bought a new leather wallet that has the protection.

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Your card can be in your pocket, and the RFID chip can be read by the bad guys, no need to wave it!

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I just had a video sent to my email about this. It was a clip from a local news channel from somewhere. They were talking about an icon that is on the new credit and debit cards so all you have to do is wave the card in front of the scanner. It looks like ( only about 3 or 4 of them in a row, each one getting progressively smaller, like a volume symbol.

I think I'm going to get one of those wallets right away.

Idiot, thieving people, make me sick. Get a damn job and earn your own freakin' money.

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They have those here now, it's called "PayPass". Transactions are limited to $30. I commented at a shop that I was not happy with this concept, and another customer disagreed, saying it saved time. I replied that I'd as soon spend the extra 30 seconds inputting my PIN number as have a card that someone could empty in $30 increments.
You can disable the card by using a hole punch on the chip ;-) but it has to have the magnetic strip so you can still use it.

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Yes, you can wave your card at some places, but not all stores are equipped. When it does work, you'll hear a "beep" and a message on the checkout screen like "Thank you-Processed"

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The readers criminal are using to read credit card info while the card is in your pocket/wallet, etc have been around for years--know I heard about that problem at least 5 years ago.

Just not worth carrying a credit card, to me. If I carry cash, it's finite and replaceable. If I carry my checkbook, I would notice if it were taken and I could immediately cancel the account. If I carry a credit card? I have no idea if someone were to illegally scan it, OR if someone I gave it to legitimately to pay a bill 'borrowed' the number for their own use (VERY common around here at gas stations). You can lose SO much more via a credit or debit card. Cash is a LOT safer, IMO. I did take my credit card with me on a recent trip to Arizona, and was a nervous wreck having it on me for the week I was there. Not for me.

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My DH and I have used credit cards for decades, enjoying the convenience and never having a loss. (Cards are insured by the bank that issues them.)

Our CC's do not have this 'transmission' ability. I'd disable that dubious advantage before I would line my pockets with aluminum foil. (I may need the foil to block evil rays from reaching the fillings in my teeth and controlling my mind. LOL)

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lol Chisue!

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Having a credit card in my wallet that anyone with a suitably equipped mobile phone can read the info from while it's ensconced in my pants pocket, just by holding the thing close to my pocket?

No ... damn ... way!

Identity theft is too intellectually ... emotionally ... time-wise ... cash-wise ...

... difficult to correct ... that I won't help the scoundrels do it!

Have you had to clear your falsely-compromised identity ... or know someone who has?

Find out how difficult it is before you take the issue lightly.

That's a PITA that I want to avoid.

Some surveys that I'm involved with wanted my birthdate, and originally I gave the real one ... then changed it to a false one (in the correct year) and later had some dfficulties with that, that it took some time to clear up.

Birthdate is another item of importance in evaluating one's identity.

ole joyful

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Before you get your knickers all knotted, do some research and not just take the hysterics flaunted by "news" programs. There is an RFID chip in the cards that can be read, but not all cards have them. I looked at mine and none of mine have this chip. And as said all you need to do is punch a hole in the chip's logo and it's destroyed. A paper punch, a nail, whatever you have handy.

People are also all worked up over the info supposedly contained on the magnetic strips. You actually don't need the magnetic strip to make most credit card purchases. They can key in the card number manually but stores don't like to do this because it costs them more in transaction fees. Way back when I used to demagnitize the strips purposely but found out that was just paranoia, just like the paranoia that rages about key cards at hotels.

Safety is all in the person. Azzalea, I recall you lost something like $1200.00. The most I can lose on a credit card is $50 and that's covered by my insurance. I'm far more concerned carrying $1200.00 than I am carrying a credit card! But with you it's different so that's fine. And considering I've received WAY more than $50 in cashback it'd still be profitable to use the card even if I lost one. Which I guess I did, but it cost me nothing more than a phone call to get it stopped and replaced. Who replaces your cash? I'm certain your insurance company does not. I use pay-at-the-pump so there's no way they can "borrow" my card. I'm not quite sure how this happens as often as you describe. Please explain. I guess we disagree on "so much safer" obviously.

Chisue, I use a double thickness of heavy duty foil hat. They don't know what I'm thinking now!

One chain around here tried that thumbprint scan charge which didn't last long. I laughed at them when they tried to get me to sign up for that.

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Cynic -- Ah, so THAT'S why I haven't been able to contact you by telepathy. I'd tip MY hat to you, but the crinkling upsets the dog. LOL

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Chisue, I swear, I did not put you on my Do Not Telekinnect list!

DUCK!!! Whew, that was close...

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I have carried my credit card for some years in a vintage metal cigarette case. I have never smoked. I just liked it has it has a horse and carrage on it so I bought it.


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LOL Cynic! But, you know, that wasn't ME! (Or, maybe it was, but it was meant for the telemarketer trying to scare Seniors into buying an alarm system.)

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