RECIPE: Roasted Whole Garlic Cloves

blueberrier1December 16, 2008

Am trying to add whole roasted garlic cloves to my Sour French Bread dough so that the cloves remain as 'chunks' and not paste. I have roasted individual cloves in the oven, with a light olive oil coating until they are lightly carmelized. I have more success with the smaller cloves-but still not perfect. I flatten my dough after the two risings and then scatter the garlic cloves, and then gently 'jelly-roll' the loaf, for final rising. 1/2 cup of roasted garlic cloves per loaf tastes best.

My garlic may be too fresh, or maybe I should dehydrate it first. One idea I plan to try soon, is to freeze the roasted garlic cloves and then add them to the dough.

A few years ago, Costco had a loaf similar to what I want to make.

We are over-the-top for alliums in this house-so any advice is welcome. Thanks

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Maybe roast it for a shorter period of time? ie pull it out before is is soft and smooshable, but after it has lost it's bite.


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What's the problem? Sounds perfect to me.
Are the cloves too brown? in which case cover them while they roast.
I've had bread like that....somehow never thought to make it myself!!
Yummy yummy!!
Linda C

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