August, 2012 Quilting/Sewing Goals

geezerfolks_SharonG_FLAugust 1, 2012

Oops, had meant to do this last night, but forgot. That dumb forgetterer seems to be working overtime lately!

Not sure what I'll be doing sewing wise this month as I plan to be in Michigan for a couple weeks and then get ready to go home.

I worked on some Maverick Stars yesterday and might do a few more today. Plus, fabric shopping this Friday in Roanoke IN. I might get to a quilt shop in Marshall MI while I'm in Battle Creek, too. I won't need any more fabric for a loooooong time!

What's your plans for August???? Stay inside in the A/C? lol


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As long as I get MORE done than I did in July, I'll be happy!

I need to think about this and come up with some reasonable goals this month.

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I just finished a quilt for my grandson new one do any day and I have 3 more too catch up with,all for newborns

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I just have one border to quilt by hand and the binding, and I can call my sun/moon/stars quilt done, but I am so.......burnt........out on it. It's been hanging/folded in my sewing room way too long and one quilt after the other has been started and finished whilst it's still waiting. I could have it done in a couple of days, tops.

I'm 1/2 done with my newest Dutchman's Puzzle quilt top, done completely with background fabrics I found in my stash I didn't even know I had. It put a serious dent in my plaid shirtings and is the first time I've worked with them. Very, very homespun, and I'm flying by the seat of my pants with the pattern, and whether I'll have enough material to mount the geese to. I'll make it work, and have left myself a couple outs in case I need to improvise.

Other than making some more lotto blocks to replace the ones I used in two other quilts, I'm just going to follow my nose.

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To finish this scrap flannel log-cabin. I'm in the process of tying it right now. After that, (maybe) try to tackle and continue on the bordered diamonds quilt that I threw aside in disgust. This year I've actually had 2 UFO's in my possession, one that was completely forgotten about and I recently completed and then this evil one, sitting there taunting me with wicked glee. I despise UFO's.

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OK, I've thought about it. Here's my plan:

1. Finish the quilting on the silk painting wallhanging and get it hung up! First I need to buy the good thread.
2. Treat a piece of fabric with soy milk and prep it for painting. I have a Chartre labyrinth design blown up to the right size and will transfer it to the treated fabric. Then I plan to stare at it for a LOOOOOONNNGG time until I get brave enough to try painting it. Then, when I realize how terrible it looks, I'll throw that one away and start over. But at least I will have started!
3. Complete the September and October LOTTO blocks. Maybe November too.

Calliope - I'm so eager to see your celestial quilt done! I know it's going to be amazing. I hope you find your inspiration to get back to it.

Rita & everyone else with UFOs - don't let them win! Sew them into submission!

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Rita, The flannel Log Cabin sounds really comfy!

I'm getting antsy to get really missing my sewing time and being able to leave things set up and just plop down and make a couple blocks....or something! I tried to cut some 5" squares last night...apparently my eyes didn't focus correctly or something and there aren't very many that are 5"....most of them less. I still think I can use them, though. Might start to get a box of fabric ready to mail home today.


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My list is kinda of boring. I'm still working on the quilting for my Blushing Aspens tablerunner. I find that I can't work on it for too long without getting sloppy. My sister's birthday is at the end of October, and I hope to have it finished by then. Also, I'm working on the pineapple appliques. I have five of the nine done now. All the border pieces are cut, so maybe I'll be able to start putting all the blocks together in August. I keep running out of thread for both of these projects. I had no idea how much thread you can use on heavy quilting and applique.

While my main machine was getting a tune-up, I cut the pieces for the Bleach Glass quilt and started sewing them together. I'm also pondering the options that I have for the Marimekko fabrics.

Oh, and I have to make the August, and maybe the September, lotto blocks.

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I am keeping it simple this month, looking forward to the last 2 weeks of this month as my kiddo will be in school which means I will thankfully have no interruptions in the afternoons, granted that will mean my evenings will be spent helping him with his homework. This year we bought my son a desk/chair/lamp for his room so he will be doing homework there and not at my desk. So yeah! From now on I can leave my sewing projects on my desk without having to put them away each evening like I have had to do in years past. I almost have DH fully independent again as it is now 3 weeks post-surgery for him, thankfully he is doing well, but still working on building his energy levels back up. I know I am rambling. Here are my goals for August:

1. Make progress hand-quilting my Grandma's quilt
2. Make August Lotto blocks (currently sewing them)
3. Make September Lotto blocks
4. Make plastic quilt pattern pieces for a friend's Christmas present. It is time for me to start making homemade Christmas presents as there are only 5 months until Christmas.

Best to you,

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I want to make 2 more minis for the guild before our "September" meeting at the end of August. That will make a total of 12, which is what they challenged us to do.

While we were away I appliqued a flamingo wall hanging, so maybe I'll try to finish that. I also basted a small whole-cloth that I'm going to hand quilt, so maybe that will get some work, too.

I think I'm feeling lazy this month! LOL


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Still working on the Sampler.
I am doing quilt as you go and I was hand quilting the blocks. I gave that up because I couldn't see the quilting on the fabric colors and I figured it was a big investment to hand quilt and not see the results of long hours of work.
I do enjoy the relaxation of hand quilting but this is much easier/quicker to do on the machine. I have 15 more blocks to do (21 done).

That's it for August.

I have cleared out most of my fabric...gave away/sold it, and cut the remaining into strips/squares. I kept a few juvenile and Christmas pieces to use in small quilts/wall hangings.

Hope everyone makes good progress with their August goals.


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Donna, I'm so impressed with your commitment to make all the minis! I've only done 6; guess I better get back to it! Not like I don't have a bunch of scraps to use.

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I finished the flannel log-cabin. I've decided to break away from the machine and do a hand-pieced, hand-quilted mini. It's a Lone Star block (can I make one large Lone Star block, frame it with borders and call it a mini?) The "EVIL ONE" UFO still lurks on the drafting table, but I'm ignoring it.

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Yes , Rita, that would definitely qualify as a mini!


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I need to chuckle...I'm just finishing one of several July goals...and added a tote to my list of things to do, but at least I finished it...Ok for August
1) finish July
2) make Sept lotto blocks
3) decide on the retreat quilt top
It's only 8 days into Aug... i can do this!

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Well, I thought since it's the 24th I'd check in on my goals for this month.

One mini top is done; triangles are cut for the 2nd so hopefully they will be done this weekend.

Still working on the flamingo...I did the applique on vacation but it has a flowering vine all around it to embroider. I've been working on it occasionally, but it's a lot of boring stem stitch! LOL

Haven't started the hand quilting yet. I guess it can be a Sept. goal.

How's everyone else doing?


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Donna, at your suggestion, I reviewed my list of goals, and I'm feeling pretty darn good about myself.

Still FM quilting my table runner, but I'm more than half finished now. I completed the Sunshine Pineapple quilt top, and it's waiting for me to begin quilting it.

I have found a pattern for my Marimekko scraps thanks to Marsha, and I found more scraps on-line. I have 80 of the 90 8.5" squares cut out.

And I mailed one August and one September lotto block to Kate. Not bad!

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Sorry to have left you all hanging. Everyone seems to be on track and reaching your goals. Good job.

All my sewing supplies are put away and won't be used again on this trip. Was in the hospital for a couple days this week and it's a slow recovery, but am getting stronger....just going to take time.


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Well, I finished the flannel log cabin quilt, also finished the mini. I am now working on "The Evil One", (bordered diamonds). I have only 2 more rows to sew together, if that goes well I will be hootin' and hollerin'. Today one of the large springs in the garage door broke, can't open it, the car is in the garage, can't go anywhere until they come tomorrow to fix it, almost $200 - two weeks ago it was a new washing machine, earlier this year it was a new air conditioner. Anyone want to buy a bordered diamonds quilt for $2000?? LOL!!

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Sharon. Sorry to hear you were ill. Sometimes having things put away is a good time to just enjoy quilt magazines and other things that stimulate new ideas.
Hope your recovery is swift and smooth. Love you "handle"

My first goal (That's actually for early September finish date) is to FM quilt the small quilt I made in a class on my new Jane. Gotta get my feet wet so I'll be able to use it for larger quilts that have been waiting for years to be quilted. They were my excuse for the new machine!

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Sharon, glad you are on the mend!!!

I have not done well on my list this month. #1 is done, but nothing else. :~((

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Know how you feel. Six months ago, even before the first mortgage payment on the new house the septic tank backed up on a Friday night. That was timed to go with a broken tankless water heater. At the same time we were getting dirt added to the back yard and a rock wall built. Luckily still solvent for now!

Who owns what, the house you or you the house? Not complaining though, lucky to have what I do.

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My August goals were not stretch goals at all and looking back at them I surprized myself.. I completed them...wohoo! The trick is easy goals...of course one never gets far w/ easy stuff or feels satisfied.

Sharon: Hope you're feeling better soon!

Quiltnhen: I've come to accept the house owns you and in the current market...looks like it's going to own me for a long time to come! Like you..not complaining

Sept is around the corner...maybe I'll get a head start on Sept that cheatin ?!?

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