crap in the closet!!!

Arceneaux83August 1, 2012

My wife and I are having our first home built and is 5 weeks from completion. Everything has been going great until last Tuesday. We always leave our house in time to get there when the workers are leaving or already gone to check the progress of the house. That day we missed them. As soon as we entered the house we where greeted with this weird smell. So we followed it up stairs into what will be our 14 year old daughters closet (who was with us along with our 3 other kids). There was a VREY fresh small pile of human feces, and we know it was human because they left the paper they used to wipe. I talked to my realtor about it the next morning and he promised me it would be cleaned up ASAP. The next day my wife and I went back without the kids, and not only was it still there but a even bigger pile was right beside it. Everyday as the smell was absorbed into the insulation I called my realtor about the cleanup. "WE ARE ON TOP OF IT!" He told us and promised me it would be gone by Friday(to me was still to long). Tuesday, a week later, the drywall has already been installed and it doesn't smell like a new construction home should. It was attempted to be cleaned and my 4 year old could have done a better job. It looked like they used a cardboard box flap to pick it up and poured a gallon of bleach on it to try and cover the smell. A stain is there and crap is still in the closet. I called today as my realtor is on vacation and raised hell. "I'm going to take care of it when i get back tomorrow." I'm fed up with it and i really don't know what to do. Please give me some advice. I would post pictures but due to the circumstance I won't.

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Wow that is just nasty!

You most likely need to get in touch with the builder. No reputable builder would want a scenario like this. If the house is secure than obviously it is one of his workers. If there is easy access then it could be a vagrant problem.

It is also a health hazard and you are right to be upset. I would be livid.

Thanks for not posting pictures!

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That's absolutely horrible.

It's almost surely some of the workers--they tend to do that sort of thing when the plumbing isn't connected up yet. That doesn't make it acceptable.

I think, I'd insist that the flooring (and anything else that's been affected) be replaced before I'd settle.

Probably, I'd also be contacting my lawyer for his/her advice. As well as the health dept. to report this.

I hope some of the professionals wander by and offer you their advise. This is definitely something that's totally unacceptable, especially in a child's room. Yuck!!!!

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" The next day my wife and I went back without the kids, and not only was it still there but a even bigger pile was right beside it."

Disgusting. These workers are supposed to have facilities to use while they are on a job site. I wonder how they would feel if this crap were placed on their windshields.....

I second azzalea's suggestion. Call the health department and the lawyer. No home owner should have put up with this kind of 'crap' from a builder's employees.

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Thanks for your concerns.

When you say "builder" are you talking about calling the corporate office because i'm thinking that is going be my next step.

And the plumbing is not connected yet but there is a port-a-potty right outside.

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Most definitely call the corporate office. No reputable home builder would want this kind of bad publicity.

You might want to check all other areas of your house closely. The workers may have left you other hidden surprises!

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Thanks for your concerns.

When you say "builder" are you talking about calling the corporate office because i'm thinking that is going be my next step.

And the plumbing is not connected yet but there is a port-a-potty right outside.

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Hi AcreNeaux. What a miserable thing for someone to do! And for your REA to leave it hanging for several days is unacceptable.

Please call and send a formal letter the builder's home office; report it. They need to be aware of what is happening on site. Do not let the home office blow you off either. Show them your graphic pictures!

Raw human feces does present a health hazard. Simply scraping it with cardboard & dousing the area with bleach does not cut it. They need to treat the area(s) with an enzyme digester after cleaning with hospital-grade disinfectant. May also need a coat of Kilz if the odour has been infused.

Hope you have this resolved promptly. And no more "crap" from the builders!

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Sorry you're having to deal with such an awful and disgusting problem. I would make sure to take pictures and contact the builder with them ASAP. Your realtor really dropped the ball repeatedly, and I would also make sure a letter with photos went to his/her broker.

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Repeated defecation in this completely inappropriate place when there is a Port-a-Potty available isn't just unsanitary and outrageous, it's probably evidence of (at least) one worker's major psychiatric pathology. A problem that could result in other serious issues at your house, as well.

Is the house completely secured at the end of the work day so that there is NO possibility it's a non-worker who comes in at night??

If so, then I would immediately call the builder's main corporate office and demand that they deal with it at the start of business tomorrow. They, of all the people involved except you, will have the greatest stake in ending the issue (if it's happening on your job, it's happening on their other ones, too, if not just at the moment.) They will also be in the best position to determine who was on the job site on the days it happened.

I agree, whatever surface(s) was involved ought to be replaced without question. The continuing odd smell may be urine deposited elsewhere in the house or grounds. It may be closed in by now.

It is urgent that this matter get resolved, even if they have to shut the entire job down for a day or so while it's worked out. Because deliberately putting feces in appropriate places is such severe acting out (of rage and possibly disordered thinking), don't waste another day being polite about it with various intermediaries.

Sorry for the trouble this will put you to; your new house will eventually be fine, I'm sure.


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Skip the agent... go to the builder and his corporate office, like others have said. They should take that piece of sibfloor out and put in new.
Same thing happened to me during my build, and i have personally seen it in new construction that I have shown to buyers. In my build, not only was there crap, but also puke. The builder replaced the subfloor. After a while, my neighbor told me that they crapped in his jon boat! And I also found some random crap in the woods too! I really think it has a little to do with the culture of the workers. Anyhow, your suspect was probably close to being finished with his job, and decided to leave a gift for the next crew. Disgusting.Raise hell.

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Mick Mick

In my subdivision, the workers peed in one of the home's vents. Chaos ensued.

Write a letter to the builder. Specify exactly what steps you want them to take. Say that you will not close on the home until those issues have been resolved to your satisfaction.

Fax the letter AND send via certified mail.

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Where is your lawyer? Why do you wait this long?
If I were you, I won't close the house. I won't get any house from this builder and the realtor at all.

If this is what you see, imagine what you won't, cannot, didn't see? If this is how they take care of business, imagine how they would take care of you once the house is yours.

How disgusting!!!

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I don't understand why this has anything to do with the Realtor because this is a builder/contractor issue, but if it was not remedied to my satisfaction ASAP (within 24 hours), I would go to the city inspectors and they can shut these bozos down.

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Sophie Wheeler

Not at all defending the miscreants, but very few builder's in my experience have enough port-a-johns on site for the number of workers that they have present. Two should be the minimum on regular sites, and three or more on large sites. When "necessity" strikes, there should be an available facility to accommodate the need. If there is only a single holer, what do you think can happen? The adjacent woods is the best of some very poor options when the builder cheaps out like that. It is a BUILDER issue! And if he is cheaping out on some very basic needs for his crew, what do you think he's doing to the choices for your home? There's is SO much more behind the walls that can be done shoddily and you not even be aware of!

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As nasty as it is (and it's REALLY nasty). Assuming you are "building" traditionally, it's not your house at this point so it's not your problem. It's the builders problem. And if you don't have a "crap" out paragraph in your contract, there's probably little you can realistically do other than raising a stink.

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I don't think this issue has anything to do with the lack of port-a-potties. This seems more like a lack of respect. I mean everybody knows you don't do this on the floor of someone's new house. Seems to me this is a disgruntled employee and is getting back at his employer. Or it could be possible this house is way more expensive than he can ever afford, so it is a jealousy issue, and he's sticking it to the rich guy. Someone else raised the question of how secure the house is after builders leave for the day. Could it even be possible some creep in the neighborhood doesn't want a new neighbor - or maybe just some stupid kid?

Even if this is some guy from off the street, not even associated with the project, it is still the builder's responsibility to CORRECT the problem, not just cover it up.

And yet another scenario - I used to work construction, and even though there was a totally adequate ammount of facilities, you would still find empty drywall or painters buckets with a "present" that someone had left behind. These guys are usually paid by piecework and not by the hour. So if you have to stop work, take a trip to the port-a-potty, wait 30 minutes for your turn, and then enclose yourself in a nasty, stinky, dirty hell hole - and you've just cheated youself out of some money you could have earned if you didn't have to stop - well that could have something to do with it too. This is still inexcusable, of course, but this could be what's happening.

Sorry you have to deal with this. Hope you can get it taken care of fast.

I was wondering if there was some way to install a hidden camera?

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Oh, someone else already hinted at this - but if this IS an employee, you can guarantee he is also doing substandard work and sabatoging your house in ways that may remain hidden for a while. You not only need to get the damage properly repaired, but you definitely need to find out who it is and get them fired.

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This kind of thing doesn't sound like workers to me;
it sounds like kids on summer vacation.

As ncreguy said, builders need to replace subflooring.

& assign someone the very special job of checking every single window every single night, & maybe check for a way someone could get into the attic & from there into the house.

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That is disgusting! I would be furious. I would have brought in Building and Safety and the Health Dept. I would take the builder to Small Claims Court, so it's on his record. I also agree that it could be cultural. I have neighbors who just laid a toilet over a hole and were using that, without plumbing. They also would go to the bathroom in the backyard. Building and Safety cited them, and they had to rebuild everything properly.
The inspector was excellent. Once when I lived in a nice apt. complex in Los Vegas, someone was pooping in the pool every night. It was so sick...

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Builder probably has subcontractors and I highly highly doubt they would risk/joke with their employment in today's market to drop #2 in a closet that can be seen easily.
It sounds like builder needs to install cameras to monitor who is getting in nightly to crap in your closet.
Don't pester the realtor and instead talk to the construction site foreman.

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Rooseveltl--sadly, sounds as if you haven't spent much time on construction sites. DH worked in construction when he was a teen, and this sort of thing was common. I had workers at my house about a year ago who actually asked if if it was okay if they went to the bathroom behind my garage. It's actually quite common, and seen as easier/cheaper to clean this sort of thing up, than to provide facilities or for workers to take time to leave the premises to go to someplace with them.

In this case, it was caught because the potential homebuyer makes frequent visits. another buyer would probably never even realize there was a problem.

I'm not saying this is acceptable, nor anything BUT disgusting--but it does happen and MOST likely by workers on the site.

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just a thought, but....

Maybe whoever did it was sending a message to the O.P. that he should have purchased in-fill housing, rather than waste resources building new.

At any rate, I find this thread pretty funny. Oh, damn those workers!

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Why not stay on topic instead of chimin in with some whacked out, eco centric ideaology.

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I've worked in construction and heard stories of disgruntled workers doing things like leaving crap (literally) in the walls of a house under construction, just for spite. What you have here is some kind of in-your-face statement.

The builder is responsible by law to provide pottipottis appropriate to the number of workers typically on the job. This is a job for the Health Dept.

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