LOOKING for: Something Lobster to go with Beef Tenderloin

caminncDecember 27, 2010

I want to fix a very special birthday dinner for my DIL who I love dearly. She loves lobster. So I was thinking something lobster to go with beef tenderloin I already have. We are from the south and I can tell you how to fix any other seafood but I don't know much about lobster. If I were to buy a couple of small live lobster here could I make a soup or bisque that would go good with tenderloin? Any ideas including lobster would be much appreciated.

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caminnic, this forum doesn't see a lot of action.

Try posting this over on the Cooking Forum. It is a very active forum and I know that many of the posters are lobster lovers.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cooking Forum

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caminnic, do you have a Fresh Market near you? I'm in Tn and our FM has 2 lobster tails advertised thru the 4th (I think) for $15. I've never cooked lobster, either but I'm thinking about picking up a couple.

Good luck.


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Thanks to you both. Yes we do have FM here and I see the Lobster is on sale thru the 4th. Her birthday is the 7th, will it still be fresh? I guess if I make some sort of soup it will still be good.

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If they are frozen lobster tails you can bring them home and put them in your freezer. Do not buy lobster on the 4th to cook on the 7th if it is fresh or has been thawed.


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