LOOKING for: Polish cookie? Not sure, but raisin, walnut, non-ri

tamsterDecember 15, 2008

Can anyone out there help me? I'm looking for a recipe for a cookie my ex's mom made around the holidays. I can't call her and ask her for it. (c: She was Polish, and I thought she said the recipe was too, but no guarantee. This was a long time ago.

It was a flat cookie made of regular and golden raisins (boiled so they were soft), and I think it had crushed walnuts in it, with a flat, almost crispy or "pecan sandy"-ish make up. It was not an oatmeal cookie, and it didn't rise at all. I can't remember if they were rolled and cut or not, but I think they were. Not quite a shortbread. There's my challenge -- any recommendations? Thanks and Happy Holidays!!

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Was she Jewish?
Could it be a form of Hamantashen?
Linda C

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I've never seen flat Hamantaschen or Rugelach.

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Polish Tea cookies???????????

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The rugelach recipe I have is flattish- you roll out the pastry, spread the fillling over it and enclose the pastry over it, then cut the resulting wide, flattish log into slices for baking. It doesn't get more than 3/4"-1" high in the middle. Sort of biscotti shaped.

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