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lacheleDecember 4, 2008

Hi, I have been reading everyone's posts and you all seem to have good advice. I am just starting a little party service. Nothing big and just word of mouth. My work asked me to cater our holiday party and I am just wondering your thoughts on our menu and what portions I should prepare for a buffet of about 25 people. They weren't into "Fancy" sounding food :) But I am so while this is "normal" food I am very open to any fun ideas for future events. Thanks so much for your help! La'Chele


Sushi- various kinds

Stuffed mushrooms

Bruchetta - two kinds

Spinach Artichoke dip with Pita Chips

Deviled Eggs

Lumpia- Philipino Egg rolls very tasty


Bowtie pasta - 3 sauces

- Alfredo

- Marinara

- Pesto




Mini Cheesecakes

Individual French Silk Pies

Individual Lemon Meringue Pies


Water Punch with Cranberries


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The site below should be able to help with quantities, etc.

Here is a link that might be useful: Growlies for Groups

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My thought is that you have too many appetizers; four should be enough with the rest of your menu and I would make one of them some fruit or veggies with a low fat dip for those looking for something healthy. Just my opinion.


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Thanks! I can drop the deviled eggs and Lumpia but the others they were pretty set on. Unfortunatley I tried to offer veggies but they only wanted the salad. So I think I am stuck there this time but I am glad for the input for future events.


Thanks for the site Ginger

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Lovely menu but is this a vegetarian crowd? I'd loose the deviled eggs , doesn't fit with the rest of the appetizers in my mind. As Linda said I'd try and work in smoked salmon or maybe prosciutto and melon.

Again I love the choice of pasta sauces but I would also have a a meat selection for those who want. Meatballs would be nice .

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For some parties that I wanted to use deviled eggs or a version thereof? After hard boiling the eggs & cutting them in half crossways (so they're deeper than longer)-and slice off a tiny end so they stand properly...I'd use the yolks in either ham salad or finely diced chicken salad & place a tiny amount in the egg white 'cups'..add a tiny sprig of parsley for color.
When I make stuffed mushrooms-instead of the bread stuffing-I make sharp cheddar cheese balls (finely grated sharp cheese, cayenne pepper, beaten egg whites & salt).. then rolled in bread crumbs, then freeze them until serving time. The day of...I lightly sautee my caps in margarine, drain & dry -place on a cookie sheet-add the cheese ball & bake for about 10-15 min. until the cheese has just melted a bit Delish!

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