Multiple brands/one bath: discontinued pt 2

ineffablespaceJune 21, 2014

A while back I posted a thread about how, in between the time I designed a bathroom and went to order, the bathtub and the toilet were both discontinued, and one of the tile trim pieces that was semi-crucial had already been discontinued but *still* appears in their newest catalogue.

We are onto bathroom #2 and Kohler has drastically cut it's offerings in Ice Grey, effectively wiping out the color scheme for this bathroom, since very few tubs-- that are probably leftovers-- are still available. That happened last week, and I am literally at the point I could order. They still offer a number of toilets, sinks and a Brand New shower base in Ice Grey but almost no tubs. So much for matching fixtures (?)

So now I am trying to select the faucets and my plumber (like so many) hates Kohler and will only install it under duress. This is actually okay in some regards because I want a volume control and temperature control on one trim piece in pressure balance (not thermostatic), and Kohler doesn't make one.

The problem with so many manufacturer's is that I don't like all the pieces of most suites. I think tub fillers have gotten really bizarre looking and I don't want something Victorian, but I don't want something so mod and square I could cut myself on it either.

So here is the line up for a single bathroom:

Shower head: Speakman
Valve and trim: Delta or Brizo
Faucet: Moen
Drain/overflow: Kohler or Gerber
Sink faucet: Kohler

1) Luckily I am doing chrome. Has anybody else mixed manufacturers like this?

2) I am the kiss of death for any style of faucet or fixture if I get serious about it.

In the third bathroom I may need to use a wall-mounted faucet, and I found one that I liked at Delta (to avoid Kohler for an in the wall valve at plumber's request).


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I have Delta faucets, Moen and Hansgrohe showerheads and Grohe valves and trim in one bathroom. They all coordinate fine.

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i think it's fine to mix and match too, as long as the styles go well together!! usually the sink is far enough away from the shower that even finish can be slightly off.
the most recent shower that i have had redone has 2 different brand shower heads and a 3rd brand drain cover in PN... all looks fine together.

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For a modern styled space, I generally like things matched, it's crisp and clean looking that way, simple. Otherwise, I prefer things relaxed and mixed up a bit.

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I think it will match by its "plain-ness". The shower head is the classic Speakman head, the shower valve is either a classic disk with no details or exposed screws or a square with no exposed screws and plain rectangular handles. The tub faucet is the plainest I could find that installs the way my plumber recommends, the sink faucet is a plain commercial faucet.

The problem I found with the companion pieces were that one component was either too fussy looking or it didn't have the function I wanted (like no volume control on the shower valve on the one that matched the sink, or the weird square shower head that came with one of the valves I like).

I am realizing I am mostly way out of the loop compared to what most people must want, because its either impossible to find at all, or it's a super expensive brand.

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This one is okay but a bit heavy/square:

This one is just about perfect looks and function-wise, very plain:

The plainest tub filler I could find:

Speakman shower head with multifunction:


Although this has round lever handles if I get the round shower valve: They've made the first faucet, with some changes, for 50 years, the second for almost 40 I think.

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Have you looked at TOTO fixtures? They have some in the simple/modern style you seem to be looking for. A few months ago I visited the showroom they have in LA and it was nice to see the pieces installed and some even working.

In the master bath I am remodeling I have also mixed pieces. I chose a faucet for the two sinks that had no companion pieces, so I chose another style from the same company to use for the shower and accessories. The freestanding tub faucet is from a completely different brand and probably the one I am least sure about, but already purchased and valves installed, so no going back! Everything in chrome. It is a large enough bath that not all the elements are seen at the same time.

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I have. One of the bathrooms will have a Toto wallhung toilet.

The other bathroom will not. My plumber refuses to install Toto toilets with the Unifit system. He says they always leak. He is very good other than that so I will pick a conventionally installed toilet (bolt down). I had a Toto before with no leakage issues but if they leak when He installs them I don't want to risk it.

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I have a Kohler overflow, a moen valve, a name I can't recall showerhead (no longer in business), and a Kalista faucet. So yes, I think it's fine to mix them up. :-)

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