Plantation shutters -how many panels per window?

lexmomof3June 28, 2013

I have 7 windows across the front of the house that are 32" wide and one (in bonus room above garage) that is 36" wide. I believe that they are 53" tall. I'm trying to decide if those shutters should be 1 or 2 panels wide. I am leaning towards 3 1/2" louvers but might consider the 4 1/2 (I just haven't seen any of these other than in pictures). There will be a divider bar so that I can open the top and bottom halves separately. Post your pics if you have similarly sized windows. Thanks!

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Keep in mind the outswing when you do open the shutters...

mine are 34" x 72" - this room has 3 windows the same size.

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I have plantation shutters on 36" wide windows that are just one panel, but I never pull them away from the windows, except to open the windows or have them washed. I didn't want a divider bar, so the louvers are made so that the upper louvers can be opened separately from the bottom ones. If that's what you're talking about, you don't need a divider bar if you don't really want one (I didn't care for that look in my home).

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We just ordered plantation shutters for our whole house, and we went with 1 panel wide on all of our windows. Our largest windows are 48" wide and 70" tall. We did do the horizontal divider rail, so we can close the bottom ones if we want, and to provide more support to each panel since they are so big. I'm not planning on swinging open the shutters, unless I am cleaning the windows. Ours should be here in the next week or two, so I can share pics then.

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I did one panel on all my single windows. On double windows, (and quadruple in my master bed) I put the divider in b/w each window. It is a more simple look, which is important as I have SDL windows, and the fewer breaks the better. The shutters are hinged on the side, and close with a tight magnet latch. I really only open them for cleaning.

You can kind of see the divider in this pic (I am too lazy to take pics tonight.) This is a double window.

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