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gellchomDecember 5, 2007

We had a delicious drink at our hotel in Cancun called "Mambolele." I guess it was some kind of frozen punch. Anyone have a recipe? Thanks!

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I did a search for mambolele, but all that come up was your request here at the garden web! Plus a couple sites in a foreign language that appears to be a person's name. It may be a signature drink name that the bar made up themselves. Do you recall what type of alcohol was in the drink? Most likely a rum and/or fruity drink.

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The more I search, the more I feel this is just a name of a drink created by the bar. I even disected the word to see if there were any other drinks with a similar name, but none came up. Mambo of course is the latin dance, and "lele" means sacrificial altar! Most sites that list "Mambo" drink seem to be all types of tropical drinks. Sorry I couldn't help. Do you have the name of the restaurant? Maybe if you contact them, they at least will let you know the ingredients.

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mango, coconut juice, gin, vodka and rum mixed with ice in a blender.
Just had them at the Fiesta Americana Condesa in Cancun and this is what the bartender told us.

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Oops. Forgot the splash of Grenadine. Sorry.

mango, coconut juice, splash of Grenadine, gin, vodka and rum mixed with ice in a blender.

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THAT'S IT! Thank you, lovinlife! That was our hotel, so I know you had the same drink we had.

Funny, though -- I just googled it again, and someone rating the hotel mentioned the drink, which s/he wrote "contains mango, gin, vodka and rum mixed with ice." That's a little different from what the bartender told you -- no coconut or Grenadine. Maybe they use more than one recipe, depending who's on duty!

Coconut juice? Or cream of coconut? Or what?

Any idea about proportions? Or suggestions about it?

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1 1/2 cups of ice
1oz Bacardi (any other rum will change the flavour)
1oz Gin (Tanqueray)
1oz Vodka (Smirnoff or Absolut would work)
2oz Coconut Cream (the one you can get in the mixers section of the liqueur dept of any supermarket)
2oz Mango Nectar (Price Cutter sells Mango "Boing" in the Mexican Products section, that should do it)
splash of Grenadine (Easy on it or it would be too sweet or flavoured wierd)

I worked in the Mayan Riviera for 4 years, I used to teach this recipe in the cocktail mixing lesson of the resort I worked for, I can assure you this is the original one.


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