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rosajoe_gwAugust 8, 2011

What do you wear on your feet when you are sewing or machine quilting????

I received a Clotilde catlog and they have a thingie to hold the foot pedal in place (on the floor) and in one pic the model has on flat shoes but in the other she has on about 2" heels lol!!!!

I prefer to sew bare foot and even in the winter I will wear socks. I can not think of any time I have even worn shoes to sew. BUT HEELS LOL!!!!!!!!


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Shoes always! And flats at that
I love the commercials where Mrs. Housewife is mopping floors in her stilettos and wearing her pearls. Shades of June Cleaver.
Not me.

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Always - no shoes! I prefer bare feet, but in the winter I am forced to wear socks.
I saw that same ad & thought Clotilde was setting us back by 30 years - heels???? Really?????

I do have a problem with my foot pedal slipping - I have tried everything (except that item in the high heels ad:)

One of my sewing machines I use for heavy sails & canvas, has an upgraded foot pedal for bare feet sewers - the pedal doesn't get as hot - so they told me. I bought the upgrade.

When I have taken classes and workshops, I try to wear slip on clogs or flip flops & I bring a carpet sample to put my pedal and bare foot on.

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Being a Florida kid born & raised, I only wear shoes when I'm forced to! LOL I sew barefoot about 98% of the time; my only concession is wearing socks when it's cold. When I go to classes I usually keep my shoes on b/c I hadn't thought of taking a carpet scrap or towel (great idea!) and I am a little more discriminating about where I put my bare feet than I was when I was a kid. :)


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I'm with the bare foot crowd. I sometimes wear slippers.

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Yup, barefoot, too.


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You would have to hog tie me to get heels on! I am a bare foot driver too.


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I wear shoes or sandles most of the time. Too dangerous to go barefooted in my sewing room.lol. I wear socks most of the time but in hot weather I just use my "Berks".
As I have push button control I seldom use the pedal except to FMQ. A pc. of rubber shelving works great under the pedal. I also use a pc. under my machine and cutting board.

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Always shoes! My sewing studio is in my garage, and used to be my upholstery studio. You NEVER go barefoot in an upholstery studio - tacks, staples, nails, and filth all over the floor all the time!

Also, the garage is detached from the house, and I just won't walk barefoot in the Texas landscape. Too many scorpions and nasty 7" long centipedes - and sometimes they get into the studio, too.

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Barefooted is the only way to go! I also use the rubber shelf lining to keep the foot from slipping. Works great!

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Barefoot or sandals ... winter slippers. I have had the misfortune of locating those pins I have dropped from time-to-time ... OUCH!

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I wear sneakers all the time. With back problems I have too.


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I have the need to "feel" the pedal, so I'm with the barefoot crowd. Socks in the winter.


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I just took a break to read this site and guess what no socks. In the winter I do wear socks. The minute I get home off goes my shoes. I think I do this because when I was young my shoes were for church and school we just went barefooted.

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foot problem makes wearing shoes a necessity, I really miss being barefoot.....sigh :(
NEVER heels not even when I could wear them.

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I find I have better control over the speed of the sewing machine if I am barefoot or in winter will wear socks.

Best to you,

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