Thinking of beveled arabesque BS. Too much with lights & mullions

Momto3kiddosApril 11, 2013

I am thinking of doing a beveled arabesque backsplash in vento gray (pic from website below). The color of my sample is a bit lighter than this pic appears. It actually has some variation in the glaze color which I really like. I do plan to use a grout closely matched in color to the tile.

You can see my mid construction kitchen below. The color works well with the island and perimeter cab colors as well as the granite. There will be a large custom wood hood installed in a week or so. I am planning for the backsplash to be on the cooktop wall to go just up to bottom of the hood, and backsplash in the butlers pantry area. I have chosen two large pendant lights for above the island. They are shown below. I also have mullions in the buffet style cabinet to the right as well as three glass doors in a row in the butlers pantry area with these mullions.

Do you think there are too many curves already, or will this backsplash work? I would love any thoughts or feedback you may have!

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Now that i look at the mullions, I do think the arabesque shape doesn't work. Others may differ... but I love how the lights play off the mullions (LOVE THE LIGHTS!!!) and your kitchen looks beautiful...

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Love all your elements! And I really love that tile, but I wouldn't be able to tell until more of the kitchen is done. I would worry it might fight with the door style a bit? Do you like any of the the softer Tabarka tile shapes like arabesco or fan (in a solid color)? Those curves might work a bit better with your doors.

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Mom, your house is beautiful, I can hardly wait to see the finished kitchen. I like the arabesque, but I think something less curvy would work better with those gorgeous doors. Your view from your windows reminds me of mine. Where are you?

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Thanks you guys! We are in central NC. Ali, where are you? Thanks for the info on Tabarka...can I find them in a showroom nearby? I couldn't find the info on their website. I will also be in Chicago,this weekend. Perhaps there are some showrooms there with some different tile than here.

I had also looked at a bone colored cracked subway laid in herringbone with grey grout. That's my backup plan if I can't find something more interesting that I love.

Anybody know what this tile is?

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Well I think they would look gorgeous and wouldn't fight with the other elements.

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What about this tile, in a lighter gray maybe?

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Debbi Branka

The tile you posted second picture up (4/11/13 at 15:20) is PERFECT! I don't know what it is, but it's perfect. You should definitely find it!

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I love the arabesque's in your space. I like that they're curvy, but it's a different curve. TBH, I think the new set of tiles you posted match the light and mullions too well and it takes something unique and different and turns it into overdone.

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I love that unid'd tile too! Looks perfect. What about SICIS neoglass domes, comes in tons of colors:

Or Ann Sacks beau monde:

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Oh I like the one posted at 1520 also. Mom I am in rural southwestern ontario, surrounded by fields. The fine line store on N. Wells St. in chicago was recommended to me. they have a website, not sure it gives too many details (i looked late at night) but it sounds like an interesting place to check out if you are in town already!

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Another great store in Chicago is the Tile Gallery, 555 North Franklin, (corner of Ohio and Franklin), Chicago, (312) 467-9590. The sales person was very friendly and gave me some great ideas. The showroom is amazing! Bring pics of all your elements and they will assist you.

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Not sure if it's quite the same as the second tile you posted, but this New Ravenna Anisa is very similar and also echoes the shape of the lights and mullions you've selected.

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Molly Phillips

Hey momto3....I'm in western NC! Hi, neighbor!

Anyway, LOVE the arabesque, but not in your space. You've been given a lot of other examples that highlight the curves in your mullions/lights perfectly, I think (I especially like your 15:20 post). I never would have thought much about all those pieces blending until I saw hoboken's (isn't that right?) kitchen with her imported backsplash and lights. That looked so stunning, and that type of tie in for your curves will look so great as well.

Makes me a little sad I randomly picked what I liked as I went instead of going for that truly designed look. You're going to love the end result!

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I don't think I'm allowed to vote.

But imagine what I am know what I want to say.

(And when you grout the arabesques with a color close to the tile color the curves become more subtle and it's just the light that is bouncing around, like a quilted Chanel purse)

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Bee - IâÂÂm off this forum more than IâÂÂm on, so you will have to excuse me for not being sureâ¦

IâÂÂm guessing your vote is for the beveled arabesque and that you are recommending using a grout close in color to the tile?

OK, as I write this, it is seeming more obvious⦠:-)

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Do what Oldbat did: make photocopies of the tiles you want to see and tape them up to the wall. And then post pics here.. :)

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Beautiful kitchen. I'd recommend waiting until your construction is further on before deciding. See it with the doors, granite, hardware and pendants up. All the tiles shown are beautiful, but I also wonder if arabesque is too curvy, and/or the other too matchy matchy with the pendants and mullions. The uniqueness may be lost if repeated in too many areas.
Can't wait to see more!

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Thanks you guys! I have made note of the shops in Chicago that you recommended, and I plan to drop back in after the weekend and let you know what I find.

Bee... I had a feeling you would say that!

Now, if I can just figure out what the pointed elliptical shape should be called so I can find a few more examples of tiles with that shape online.

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Love your kitchen! Cannot wait to see it finished...
I think the beveled arabesques would be beautiful. The curves would look lovely and compliment your mullioned windows. The mullions are a simple single arch which would play well with the curves of the quilted Chanel purse!

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Here's a photo of matching the mullions gone wild

Contemporary Kitchen by Portland Kitchen And Bath Kitchen Cove Cabinetry & Design

Not a good look in my opinion. Your kitchen is very classy, this one could have been but veered off the path a bit.

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I think Bee has a good point about the curves being more subtle once grouted. I love, love, love the gray arabesque!!

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I Love love love that second picture tile. It's beautiful! Did anyone figure out what it was?

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Sanjuangirl.... Thanks for the pic! It made me remember that my breakfast nook chairs have a similar pattern, too... Like a Gothic arch so I probably do need to avoid a similar pattern in the backsplash, especially if it is bold. Off to look at tile in Chicago in a few minutes.... Very excited. The snow just stopped! Crazy, huh?

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Ok, so now I have even more options.... Perhaps too many. Here are some of the things I found. I already ruled out a certain Ann Sacks tile... Did you know they make a glass tile that is platinum plated on the back side... No lie. I didn't even find out the price because she said it was much more than the stained glass mosaics at $275. It was beautiful, but really?

These are three artistic tile choices...
. I like the one on the right the best. Here it is in larger scale. I would only use it as an accent over the cooktop. Here it is in a larger piece.

And the flowery one more large scale. But I would use more of the smoke color tile as shown in the small sample. The remainder of the backsplash would be a smoke field tile.

Another pic I found of same tile.

Here is one with a less frilly look. I like the Celtic knot thing it would have with several put together. It is available in any color finish. I would do a light gray.

This one seems very modern in this pic, but I think it might work well in the space. We have a stone fireplace on the opposite side of the family room, and this sort of echoes the color and texture of the stone.

Quilted diamonds...

Iridescent glass...

And lastly, this is a beaut!

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I'm so jealous. I've been running around everywhere in my area looking for something different and I haven't seen anything like what you're finding. I don't have a clue how you're going to decide between all those beauties :)
Was this an artistic tile store where you found all these?

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I was in Chicago for the weekend. There is a Mchandise Mart where there was an artistic tile showroom, Ann sacks, and others. The Tile Gallery is a few blocks away. Artistic Tile was my favorite selection, and their website lists about 12 showrooms nationwide. Good luck! I couldn't find things like this in my area either. But, I think Artistic has authorized dealers in my area, so you may want to see if they have authorized dealers in your area.

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Those Artistic tiles are gorgeous aren't they. I wish their website had better pictures, great shots of the samples, but few and crappy examples of them installed.

Here's a couple using the one on the left in your first pic. Doesn't sound like you're considering that one, but so pretty I though I'd share. Someone on GW also recently posted pics of it in her beautiful MB. Hoboken I think.

I can't wait to see more pics of your fantastic kitchen with the doors and other elements in places. I'm just having a hard time visualizing these soft swirly light tiles in your space at this stage. They almost look too feminine for the cabinet style/ colors and countertop, if that makes any sense.

Thanks for the tile pics to drool over. I've seen the tile in the final pic that looks like chrysanthemums, but not in that color. Would love it in a powder room.

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Forgot to ask, what cabinet hardware are you using and what color are your wood floors? Thanks.

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Mom, what is the celtic knotty one? They all look gorgeous! Sounds like you had fun looking!!

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Here is a pic with the left hand tile installed - it doesn't sound like you like it as much as the others though.

Sorry if it posts sideways - I'm on my phone.

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