is a 72 inch round table too big for my dining room

newtomb1June 29, 2013

I found a 72 inch round table which I absolutely love but may be too big for our dining room. Our dining room is 12.5x14.5, so the table and chairs would take up the whole room.

I'd prefer a round table because it's more intimate and conducive to group conversations. I also want a table that could seat 10 people for holidays, so a smaller round wouldn't work either.

Anyone have a 72 inch round table? Does it feel too big and formal?

Thanks so much!!

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72 in does seem quite large for your room. Do you need to walk through the room for access to others, or is it completely separate?

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That is pretty big. I'm afraid you may lose some of the intimacy with that size.

We have an outdoor table that is 54" and seats 6. It's a nice size for conversation. Could you maybe do a 54" with leaves?

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I have a 60inch round on a 11x11 patio and there is not much space when chairs are pulled out for anything else on the patio other than a small grill and i could not image anyone could get out of that size space if there were walls in the area with such a large table.. The good news is it fits eight comfortably and even ten with out too much squishing. Maybe look at 60inch for your space but that might still be to big. here is a pick to show how little breathing room there is in a 120sqft area with a 60inch set up.

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An oval, pedestal table is pretty conversation friendly, as well, and you can squeeze more than if the table had four legs. And the people across from you are closer than sitting across a 72" table. Everyone speaking loudly...can you really carry on a conversation with the person six feet across from you? :) I can't, but I have some hearing loss. :(

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While a 72" round will fill your room more than is optimal, I think it can work. People won't be able to move through the room once seated, though. You might look for a smaller table with leaves that are stored within the table or a drop leaf style. Either of those would allow you to use the table more comfortably when you have fewer diners, but could be expanded when you have a larger group.

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I can only seat 7 around my 60" round table in the kitchen nook. My chairs are on the larger size with no arms. Chair size is important with a round table.

I think 72" will be too big for your room. You could try a 60" round with leaves, making it an oval for when you have larger groups. Wish I had done this.

Roarah, how do you fit 10? Doesn't look like you could from the photo.

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My table came with eight chairs, two are by the pool usually and I can put two cafe rought iron chairs up to it in a pinch. The two cafe are like icecream parlor size.

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Thanks everyone for your help! I was feeling like the table would overpower the room and once I really thought about sitting 6 feet away from everyone it didn't seem intimate anymore.

I'll try to find a 60 inch round that extends to an oval.

Here's a link to the table I liked, just because :)

Here is a link that might be useful: 72 inch round dining room table

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FWIW, I have a 72-inch round custom cherry dining table in a room that is approximately 12 x 12. I can seat 10, although I wouldn't want to do it all the time. The four main chairs are windsor chairs. To fill in the additional six, the chairs need to be on the narrow side, but not uncomfortably so. It's no less "cozy" than when my mom tries to seat 10 at her rectangular table with leaves.

I love the table, but it used to feel a bit crowded in the room. Part of this was also because it was a main pass-through in the house, which it is not anymore. When we completed our recent addition, I moved all of the furniture out of the DR except for the table and chairs. Now it feels just fine, and I am planning to do some small-scale, era-appropriate (house is 1941) corner cabinet built-ins so that I have storage but am not crowding the table.

My advice is that if you were shopping from scratch, going smaller than 72 would make your life easier. But if you found something you love that is 72, it is more than doable. In some ways, having the table fill the room makes the larger table more intimate -- you definitely need at least four people, though, or it feels a little strange!

Good luck to you.

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What about a round table that expands radially, so that only on certain occasions would the cramped version be in use? Sarreid (sp?) makes something they call a "Jupe" table, Century makes one, others do also. Prices vary immensely. I think one version goes from 54" to 70".

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