Bath/Spa paint from BM - worth it or ploy

winesnobJune 18, 2012

Have you used this paint collection for your bathroom, what do you think of it. My painter says it is just a marketing ploy and not any better than some of the other paints. The only thing is I am going to paint the ceiling of my shower stall instead of doing it in tile and I just think the moisture would better suit something like this, that is if it works.

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I'm sorry but in this case, your painter is flat out wrong. We first painted our new bathroom with the paint recommended by "the professional" at Sherwin Williams but within a couple of weeks it was streaking and within a year the area around the vent and over the shower was peeling. (I was so mad!!!)

I had spoken with the guy at our local Benjamin Moore store several times and he seemed to be really knowledgeable but went with SW to save money. Well after this experience, I bit the bullet, went to Benjamin Moore and got what the guy recommended. It was pricey, but it has a special primer in it for moisture related areas. We followed the guys advise to the tee and have been very happy with the results.

Unfortunately, we had to learn the hard way that it is worth it in the long run. The bonus is that its a low sheen paint and the way light reflects off of it is really nice. It went on easy and covered beautifully. Could have avoided having to paint twice if we had gone that route originally.

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Use Perma-White instead. It is tintable to any color you want.

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I love the Bath and Spa paint. My master bath has regular Aura and has so many streaks. I used the Bath and Spa in another bathroom and love it. It has a flat look and there are no streaks at all. Totally worth it.

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If you want flat, it's worth it; I'd say non-negotiable.

I spaced out when painting my ceiling trim in my tiny, steamy bathroom, and used the same flat white I'd used on the ceiling (which also isn't recommended for bathrooms, but I refuse to put sheen on my popcorn). Within months, the paint on the trim was crackling all over the place. I now have a very vivid visual of why to recommend paint with a sheen to customers painting bathrooms (since my store doesn't sell the Aura bath spa matte).

On the other hand, the spa matte might not be worth it if you don't mind going with eggshell or pearl (satin) sheen, in a lower grade paint.

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thanks for your input. I just want to make sure it doesn't have too much sheen. I am doing the bedroom and in Aura in Thunder. I have two closets that come off this bathroom, they are done in white shelving. My painter suggested staying with the white wall paint in there. Do you agree. I can see his point because of darkness in closets, especially with dark gray as thunder. Thank you

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We just used BM Bath & Spa paint (matte), color Interlude, in our bath. Can't vouch for its durability since it's only been a couple of weeks, but the paint is wonderful to work with, coverage is great, and the matte finish looks rich. Very happy with it.

I would indeed stick with white or a pale color in closets, and be sure to provide sufficient lighting. Just yesterday I was trying to find something in a reach-in storage closet and lamenting the lack of light. I know it's in there somewhere....

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Loved it!!

Had tried the SW bath stuff, too shiny. Same with Lowe's bath paint.

I find it a small miracle that you can have a flat paint designed for the bathroom.

Go for it.

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I agree with your painter and lazydaisynot on the closets: white is the easiest, but if you want a color, keep it light.

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Lazydaisynot: any pictures of your bath up yet. BM Interlude is on the short list for some is the bigger brighter rooms in our new build.

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Is the concept behind it moisture resistance? I can't say whether it is a marketing ploy or not. The other posters seem to really like it.
There is also an additive available for paint that you stir in to "help" with moisture. I am sorry I don't recall the name. I did use it in my bathrooms. I think it did help a bit. I live in an old house with no ventilation fans in my bathrooms so moisture can be a problem.

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I think I'm going to use it in my guest bath/hall powder room just because I want a matte finish. There is entry to this small bath from the hall as a powder room and also from the guest room. The tub and shower are only used a couple of times a year when guests use it as a full bath, so moisture isn't a major problem. I just want a deep saturated matte finish. Color will be dark- BM Hale Navy. Does this make sense to use it only for the non-sheen finish instead of going with flat or eggshell?? I'm sure it's much more expensive, which is okay if you guys agree it is worth the price for the matte finish. Obviously a powder room on the main floor is used by almost everyone who comes in the house, so it's important to me.

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From BM's website:
''Aura Bath & Spa Matte Finish is a premium interior coating specially formulated for optimal performance in high humidity environments such as baths and spas. With the added benefits of Color Lock� Technology and mildew resistance it delivers remarkable durability and exceptional color.''

Normal flat or matte paint will not hold up well in humid environments, which is why paints with sheen are usually recommended. The sheen ingredients settle on top of the pigment ingredients and protect them from the moisture.

If you don't mind subtle sheen, my parents used 'ben' in eggshell in their main bath and it's lovely. Retail was $39.99 However, for those who love the rich look of flat/matte paint so much that they want to continue it into the humid bathroom environment, Aura Bath and Spa is the way to go. The caveat is that it's much pricier ($60+), but from what I've heard about Aura, it could be worth it. It comes down to your budget, aesthetics and priorities.

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