Faux window with light?

karenlk10June 20, 2011

Has anyone ever built / bought a large faux window? I'm toying with the idea of placing one in the small formal dining room to brighten up a small space. I'd like to make it look something like this:

Even tho I realize this is a REAL window. Could I do it?

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What about one of those antique-y paned doors that have mirrors instead of glass between the window panes?

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What an interesting idea. My first thought was finding a stage/set designer. They may have some clues for lighting the background. Although most would have a large area in back to direct lighting options.

Also thought about light boxes used by arts/draftsman/architects. The concept would be what you are after. It has been years since I used one, there is probably some after market available. They come in all sizes and as large as a bed. Check architect/drafting supplies to see how they are constructed, what lighting is used.

Another option is to check with sign makers. We see backlit signs all around us on buildings. Take a look at how they are constructed and what light resource is used.

My curiosty went to running a search on faux window lighting and came up with these.



http://www.photoglow.com/dimmers.htm Lighting Units to put behind transparent images.

http://lightboxes.com/led-light-box-c-2.html Photo light boxes

Very workable idea for using within windows

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cb4WlLCyQ2Y Dozens of possiblities for your idea

Sorry for the overkill on links. Your idea is my "kind of thing". Now I'm thinking of where this could be done too with french doors. Any type of film could be used on window glass.

Have fun.

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I wouldn't do it simply because it will look faux or off. Would you leave the light on all day? Probably not. Dining at night you wouldn't turn it on either. imo, the french doors with mirror (antiqued if that fits your home) would be a better solution.

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ok good points all. Maybe white tinted mirror panels would give the effect?

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In order to make it look more real I would think one would have to put built ins along the same wall or it would have to be as large as the wall. Other wise it will look hung on a wall light and not like a window. Windows are flush with the wall if not indented. Mirrored doors/window frames would reflect light and space, that idea is more normal, and less expensive.

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