It's been too long!

Kathy_TXAugust 16, 2011

Hi everyone,

I haven't been here in sooooooo long, took a peek and I'm hooked again! LOL

I see some familiar names here, also see some new-to-me names. I used to be a regular here, but haven't had a lot of extra time in the past few years.

My name is Kathy and I live in east Texas. Been married for almost 44 years, have two grown daughters and three grandsons. 5 years ago, DD#2 (mother of the 3 grandsons) and her husband (at the time) divorced. The boys were 10, 8, and 4 at the time. They are now 15, 13, and 9. I have been helping out with the boys, DD was working, but that job closed down, so she's in nursing school now. The boys need me less, so I'm hoping to get back into my passion of quilting.

Hope you all don't mind if I chime in here and there. Just a few minutes here this morning and I have added many projects to my list already. LOL

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Welcome back, Kathy! Glad to have you back on the forum! We all know how "life" can derail our quilting projects at times. It's good you are finding your way back.


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Welcome back Kathy! I hope that you are able to stay inside in the air conditioning and quilt - you poor folks in Texas have been having SUCh horrible heat.
Looking forward to seeing your projects!

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I'm one of the new names. Glad to meet you and welcome back! I'm very new to quilting, so I mostly sit back and absorb all the wonderful knowledge around her :-)


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Welcome back, Kathy. I know how life's responsibilities puts our sewing on a back burner at times. But, it's important work you are doing so just get to the quilting as you can. We love hearing about all your projects.

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Yep, I know about life and interfering with my hobby! It's always nice to see someone come back or join the forum.

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Thanks to each of you for your warm welcome, it's so good to be back among my quilting friends again!

Just went to the mailbox and got the latest Connecting Threads, I love the Briar Patch quilt! The new fabrics are flannel though, and here in Texas, we don't need flannel. LOL Maybe I will order the pattern only and use my stash fabrics...what a novel idea. LOL

We have been so hot and dry here, we've had 60 (47 in a row)days of 100+ temps and are so ready for some rain and cooler weather. Not happening any time soon though.

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Welcome back, Kathy.

Hope you'll post pics of your quilts and UFOs.


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Welcome back! This is truly one of the best places on the internet.


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Welcome back Kathy! Yes, we need rain here in TX - my garden is dead, dead, and crisp. It's actually a fire hazard now.

Pull up a chair and sew a while...


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Welcome back Kathy! We need rain here in NW Ohio too. It seems to go around us all the time. When it does rain, we only get about .2 of an inch.
My Connecting Threads catalog arrived today too. Briar Patch looks like a fun quilt to make. I love the colors. Have fun!
Linda OH

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Hi Kathy! Great to see you found your way back to us. A lot of us know about putting our own lives on hold for the sake of the well-being of our grandchildren, so we understand completely. Now that the boys don't need you as much, it's time to pull out that stash and get started quilting again......have fun!!!!


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Welcom back, Kathy! Your newfound enthusiasm perks us all up!


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Welcome back! Those family commitments come first for all of us, but we are glad you are back.


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Welcome back Kathy! It truely is good to see you here.
I still have your gloves and I use them all the time. Can't say that I've improved much with the FMQ tho.
Sooooooooo? How many UFO's ya got???

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Hi Kathy!! It's been a long time for me too, but life has just been too hectic, but hopefully it is now in the process of settling down. We sold our house, bought a new house, and moved within 6 weeks right before Christmas last year. During that time my Dad passed away suddenly and totally threw us all off. Then my oldest son and DIL who have been together for 12 year and 3 kids decided to get married. Helped them out with the wedding and even made the cake. Here's hoping 2013 is a quieter year. And it seems that there are a lot of babies being born this year, all requiring quilts. I have one done, 2 on the go and 2 more to do yet.


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Welcome back Kathy!
We are also in need of rain here in Southern Ontario. We did get some on the weekend but yesterday DH had to spend 3 hours out in the garden watering because everything was so dry and droopy.
Have fun catching up with your quilting and here on the forum!


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Kathy, welcome back. I went to a quilt festival in Lowell the other day and thought about you and the time we went to the Lowell Quilt Museum together and it was about 12 degrees outside. Glad things have settled down a bit for you and hope to see you more around the forum.

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Thanks for the warm welcome!

Kristy, I'm so sorry about the loss of your dad. Losing a parent is so hard. Glad your life is settling down somewhat now.

Bon, you know I don't have any UFOs. You know me, I'm the one who won't start a new project until I've finished the current one. I think I have a touch of OCD. LOL Glad you are enjoying the gloves, keep practicing on the FMQ.

Fran, my friend, I think of you often. It was so nice of you to take me to Lowell to the quilt museum when I was in your beautiful state, I think that was Feb. 2007. Your warmth overshadowed the cold temps. I'd love to have a couple days of those temps about now. LOL

I did make a new wallhanging in April. We had some remodeling done on the house and I had a bare wall....what can I say, had to make something. I'll try to post a picture of it, if I can remember how.

Good to "see" all of you!

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